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乔布斯辞职前最后一次公开演讲 第05期

Council member Mahoney? Yeah, so, first of all, it was interesting, you throwback to HP. As 35-year HP employee, most of it on the Cupertino campus in those buildings there, obviously felt sorry when I heard that they were consolidating moving. But now that we've seen your plans, you know, the words spectacular would be an understatement, and I think that everybody is gonna appreciate what's clearly is gonna be the most elegant headquarters, you know, at least in the US that I've seen. So we definitely appreciate that the work is gone into it and look forward to working with you moving through the process. Thank you. I think we do have a shot of building the best office building in the world. And I really do think architecture students will come here to see this. I think it could be that good. Appreciate. Yeah, thank you. Council member Chang? Yeah, Mr. Jobs, thank you very much for coming. We met the city manager and I met Mr. Cook, and Mr. Miner, and also Terri on your campus, uh, and see the concept. It's very good one. I do have question about at the time they mentioned about the current infinite loop will remain the same. The employee will stay there, right? Yeah, we need both to hold everybody. So now host about 8000 to 9000 people. No no no, about 2600. 2600 okay. And then this one will hold 13,000? 12,000. That's our current. Alright. And then my concern is last time I forgot to ask Terri about the safety issue. Because you know you have only one building and have so many people there. So all the safety will be put into consideration like fire and everything. Oh, of course. We spend a ton of time identifying and hiring who we think are best people in the world and doing what we do. The last thing we want is for anybody to get hurt. Okay, yeah, of course, we're gonna. I mean the whole building has to be designed with pretty precise requirements for safety. But we'll do beyond those. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20150316/229218.html