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BBC NEWS:研究发现轮船产生更多的白色泡沫可抵消气候变化影响

Getting ships to generate more white foams as they navigate the world’s oceans could counteract the impact of climate change. That’s the conclusion of a study carried out by scientists at the University of Leeds here in England. Rebecca Morale sent this report. This is the latest idea from the controversial field of geo-engineering, man-made global fixes to climate change. But what’s unusual about this is that the technology for it already exists. As ships sail across the waves, their wake stands out from the dark ocean waters. Scientists calculate that if the bubbles created by large vessels were up to 100 times smaller, the earth’s average temperature will drop by half a degree Celsius. This would counteract rising temperatures. And some warn that there could be unforeseen consequences for ocean life. You are listening to global news, the best stories, interviews and on-the-spot reporting from the BBC news. Still to come, the unwritten rules of the British pub. Christmas is coming. And as is the tradition in Britain, the pubs are full of merry revelers. And sometimes it can not get a bit out of control. But now there are some guidelines to pub etiquettes which have goneviral on the web. They state, for instance, “Do not approach the bar until you know what you want”, “Don’t order ten drinks one at a time, and then pay for the more one at a time”; “Don’t click your fingers or whistle at the bar staff”. So what are some of the rules that landlords have implemented? There is no laptops. And there is no the new thing. What’s it? A tablet? It’s not an office. People who come in here are asked to hang their coats. To small pub and to hang them up for other people to sit is essential. Some people stop moving tables. That’s another rule here. I’m used to having rules. I led my rules. When I tell them to smile, they’ll smile. When I tell them to be quiet, they’ll be quiet. That’s it. That’s my rules. Of all stories to come out about the school in Pakistan that was attacked on Tuesday, none perhaps was more striking than that of the teachers’ bravery. One of them told her pupils to flea even as she was set onfire by the militants. Another with her own story was the headmistress of the school Tyra. I’m now in the family home of Tyra, the principle of the army school, who was herself killed in the attack. And I’m with her son. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20141228/BBC-NEWS-Ships-Generate-White-Toams.html