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六级高频词汇: endeavor 尽力, 努力 feasible 可行的,可用的,可能的 Haunt 经常拜访;常去; 时常萦绕心头;使困窘 linger 因不愿离开而继续逗留,留恋徘徊;继续存留,缓慢消失 optimistically 乐观地 1 Our reporter has just called to say that rescue teams will _____ to bring out the trapped miners. (03.12) A) effect B) affect C) conceive D) endeavor 2 Apart from philosophical and legal reasons for respecting patients' wishes, there are several practical reasons why doctors should ________ to involve patients in their own medical care decisions. (05.1) A) enforce B) endow C) endeavor D) enhance 3 Shoes of this kind are ________ to slip on wet ground.(02.1) A) feasible B) appropriate C) apt D) fitting 4 He suggested that we put the scheme into effect, for it is quite_____.(03.12) A) probable B) sustainable C) feasible D) eligible 5 Asthetrialwenton,thestorybehindthemurderslowly_____itself. A)convictedB)released C)hauntedD)unfolded(03---6) 6 Years after the accident he was still_ by images of death and destruction. A) twisted B) dipped C) haunted D) submerged (04---6) 7 All the people in the stadium cheered up when they saw hundreds of colourful balloons ______ slowly into the sky.(02.6) A) ascending B) elevating C) escalating D) lingering 8 Elisabeth did not enter the museum at once, but in the courtyard.(04.6) A) resided B) dwelled C)lingered D) delayed 9 She remains confident and______ untroubled by our present problems.(00.6-) A. indefinitely B. infinitely C. optimistically D. seemingly 10 I am afraid that you have to alter your ______views in light of the tragic news that has just arrived.(99.6) A indifferent B) distressing C) optimisticD) pessimistic 答案及解析 1 D conceive考虑,设想 2 C enforce 加强 endow 捐赠,赋予 enhance提高,增强 3 C appropriate适当的 apt 易于 fitting适合的,相称的 4 C probable 很大可能 sustainable 可以支撑的 eligible符合条件的 5 D convicted证明..有罪 unfolded展开,解开 6 C twisted 扭曲 dipped浸,蘸 submerged 在水中的 7 A ascend上升,攀登 elevating举起,提升escalate逐步上升 8 C resided 居住 dwelled 居住 9 C indefinitely不确定的 infinitely 无限的 seemingly 表面上的 10 C indifferent 无关紧要的 distressing 悲伤的,痛苦的 pessimistic悲观的 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20141221/211182.html