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六级高频词汇: absurd 荒谬的,荒唐的 blunder 错误,大错 compulsory 必需做的, 必修的, 被强迫的, 被强制的, 义务的 coincide 相符和,相一致,相同 decorate 装饰,布置 1 It is ________ that women should be paid less than men for doing the same kind of work.(02.1) A) abrupt B) absurd C) adverse D) addictive 2 Even sensible men do ______ things sometimes.(02.6) A) abrupt B) absurd C) acute D) apt 3 I think that I committed a _______ in asking her because she seemed very upset by my question. (99.1) A. blunder B. revenge C. reproach D. scandal 4 Small farms and the lack of modern technology have _____ agricultural production.(01.1) A. blundered B. tangled C. bewilder D.hampered 5 Manycountrieshaveadoptedsystemsof_____educationinordertopromotetheaveragelevelofeducation.(03.6) A)compulsory B)cardinal C)constrained D)conventional 6 They have done away with ________Latin for university entrance at Harvard.(03.9) A) influential B) indispensable C) compulsory D) essential 7 Mary once ______with another musician to compose a piece of pop music.(98.6) A. merged B. collaborated C. coincided D. constituted 8 When you put up wallpaper , should you _____ the edges or put them next to each other? A. coincide B. extend C. overlap D. collide 9 It’s pleasure for him to ______ his energy and even his life to research work.(98.6) A. dedicate B. dictate C. decorate D. direct 10 She cut he hair short and tried to _____herself as a man.(00.6) A. decorate B. disguise C.fabricate D. fake 答案及解析 1 B abrupt 突然的 adverse不利的,敌对的 addictive上瘾的 2 B acute 敏锐的 apt易于.. 3 A revenge 报仇 reproach 责备 scandal 丑闻 4 D tangle处于混乱状态 bewilder使迷惑,使不知所措 .hampered妨碍,牵制 5 A cardinal 主要的,最主要的 constrained不舒服的,被强迫的 conventional惯例的,常规的 6C influential有影响力的 indispensable 不可缺少的 essential本质的,实质的 7 B merge合并,并入 collaborated合作 constituted 组成 8 C extend 扩充,延伸 overlap 重叠 collide碰状,抵触 9 A dedicate 献身于 dictate 口述,指令 direct直接的,径直的 10 B disguise假装,伪装 fabricate制作,构成 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20141221/211181.html