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原题一: 自从1978年启动改革以来,中国已从计划经济转为以市场为基础的经济,经历了经济和社会的快速发展。平均10%的GDP增长已使五亿多人脱贫。联合国的“千年(millennium)发展目标”在中国均已达到或即将达到。目前,中国的第十二个五年规划强调发展服务业和解决环境及社会不平衡的问题。政府已设定目标减少污染,提高能源效率,改善得到教育和医保的机会,并扩大社会保障。中国现在7%的经济年增长目标表明政府是在重视生活质量而不是增长速度。 参考译文:(新东方在线、北京新东方学校 卢根老师) Since the reform in 1978, with the rapid development of economy and society, Chinese economy has transferred into market economy from command economy. The average 10% growth of GDP has lifted more than 500 million people out of poverty. The Millennium Goal of the U.N. has been fully or partially achieved throughout China. At present, the 12th Five-year Plan in China emphasizes the development of service industry and the solution of imbalance of environment and society. The government has set goals to reduce pollution, enhance energy efficiency, improve educational opportunities and medical insurance and expand social security. The 7% growth annual goal demonstrates that the government is concentrating on the quality of life rather than the speed of growth. 原题二: 中国将努力确保到2015年就业者接受过平均13.3年的教育。如果这一目标得以实现,今后大部分进入劳动力市场的人都需获得大学文凭。 在未来几年,中国将着力增加职业学院的招生人数:除了关注高等教育外,还将寻找新的突破以确保教育制度更加公平。中国正在努力最佳地利用教育资源,这样农村和欠发达地区将获得更多的支持。 教育部还决定改善欠发达地区学生的营养,并为外来务工人员的子女提供在城市接受教育的同等机会。 参考译文:(新东方在线、北京新东方学校 卢根老师) China will endeavor to ensure every employee to have average 13.3 years of education. If the goal is achieved, a majority of people entering the labor market will be having Bachelor’s degree. In the next few years, China will increase the number of people in vocational college. Except focusing on the higher education, the government will find a breakthrough point to ensure the justice of education. China is trying to optimize education resources and, accordingly, the countryside as well as the less developed areas will receive more support. In addition, the education ministry decides to improve the nutrition of students in less developed areas and provides equal opportunities for the children of workers from out of town to receive education in the city. 原题三: 反应在艺术和文学中的乡村生活理想是中国文明的重要特征。这在很大程度上归功于道家对自然的感情。传统中国画有两个最受青睐的主题,一是家庭生活的各种幸福场景,画中往往有老人在下棋饮茶,男人在耕耘收割,妇女在织布缝衣,小孩在户外玩耍。另一个则是乡村生活的种种乐趣,画有渔夫在湖上打渔,农夫在山上砍柴采药,或是书生坐在松树下吟诗作画。这两个主题可以分别代表儒家和道家的生活理想。 参考译文:(新东方在线、北京新东方学校 宋健伟) The ideal rural lifestyle reflected in the art and literature is a great characteristic in Chinese civilization. It is largely attributed to the Taoism affection to nature. There are two most preferred topics in traditional Chinese paintings. One kind depicts various happy scenes of family life in which the elderly play chess and drink tea, young men farm and harvest in the field, women weave or sew clothes and kids play in the outside. The other depicts the recreations of rural life. In these paintings, fishermen fish on the lake, famers hew or collect herbs on the hills and scholars compose poems or paintings under pine trees. These two themes respectively represent the ideal life of Confucianism and Taoism. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20141220/211045.html