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1. M: Before we play again, I’m going to buy a good tennis racket. W: Your shoes aren’t in a very good shape either. Q: What does the woman mean? 2. M: Barbara, I’d like you could assist me in the lab demonstration. But aren’t you supposed to go to Dr. Smith’s lecture today? W: I ask Cathy to take notes for me. Q: What do we learn from the conversation? 3. W: Steve invited me to the dinner party on Sunday evening. Have you received your invitation yet? M: Yes, he found me this morning and told me he wanted all his old classmates to come to the reunion. Q: What do we learn from the conversation? 4. W: I’m afraid I’m a little bit seasick. I feel dizzy. M: Close your eyes and relax. You’ll be all right as soon as we come at shore. Q: Where does the conversation most probably take place? 5. W: I wonder what’s happened to our train. It should have been here twenty minutes ago according to the timetable. But it’s already 9:30. M: There’s no need to get nervous. The announcement says it’s forty minutes late. Q: When is the train arriving? 6. M: John is handsome and wealthy. Believe it or not, he is still a bachelor. W: He is a notorious guy in many girls’ eyes. I’m sick of hearing his name. Q: What does the woman mean? 7. M: Cars had lined up bumper to bumper. And I’ve been held up on the express way for the entire hour. W: Really? It must be a pain in the neck. But be patient, anyway, you can do nothing but wait. Q: What do we learn about the man? 8. W: Yesterday I was surprised to see Mary using that washing machine you’re going to throw away. M: Yes, it’s quite old and in a very poor condition. Frankly speaking, that she got it working amazes me a lot. Q: What does the man imply about Mary?来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20141220/211043.html