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六级高频词汇: transition 转变, 转换, 跃迁, 过渡, 变调 transmission 传送,传播 threshold 开始, 开端, 极限 Trivial 琐碎的,不重要的 vulnerable 脆弱的 1 Cultural ________ indicates that human beings hand their languages down from one generation to another. (01.1) A) translation B) transition C) transmission D) transaction 2 These continual_ in temperature make it impossible to decide what to wear.(04.6) A) transitions B) transformations C)exchanges D) fluctuations 3 He attends to the _______ of important business himself.(98.6) A) transaction B) transition C) transmission D) transformation 4 It is hard to tell whether we are going to have a boom in the economy or a ____ .(01.6) A)concession B)recession C)submission D)transmission 5 Asoneoftheyoungestprofessorsintheuniversity,Mr.Browniscertainlyonthe_____ofabrilliantcareer.(03.6) A)porch B)edgeC)course D)threshold 6 The most important ________for assessment in this contest is originality of design.(03.9) A) threshold B) partition C) warrant D) CRIterion 7 A most ______ argument about who should go and fetch the bread from the kitchen was going on when I came in.(98.6) A. trivial B. delicate C. minor D. miniature 8 Don'tletsucha_____matterasthiscomebetweenussothatwecanconcentrateonthemajorissue.(03.6) A)trivial B)slight C)partial D)minimal 9 Some researchers feel that certain people have nervous systems particularly ______ to hot, dry winds. They are what we call weather sensitive people. (01.1) A) subjective B) subordinate C) liable D) vulnerable 10 Rumours are everywhere, spreading fear, damaging reputations, and turning calm situations into ______ ones. (00.6) A. turbulent B. tragic C. vulnerable D. suspicious 答案及解析 1 C translation 翻译 transmission传播 transaction事务,交易 2 D transformations 变化,改革 exchanges 调换,兑换 fluctuations波动,起伏 3 A 同题1 4 B concession让步 recession 不景气 submission屈服,服从 5 D porch 门廊,走廊 edge边缘,优势 6 D partition 区分,隔开 warrant 保证,担保 CRIterion(批评判断的)标准 7 A delicate 精巧的 minor较小的,次要的 miniature微型的 8 A slight 轻微的,微小的 partial 部分的 minimal最小的 9 D subjective 主观的.个人的 subordinate 从属的,下级的 liable易于.. 10 A turbulent 狂暴的,吵闹的 tragic悲惨的,悲剧的 suspicious可疑的,怀疑的 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20141220/210905.html