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六级高频词汇: Simultaneous 同时的, 同时发生的 simultaneously同时地 Skeptical 怀疑的 Spontaneous 自发的, 自然产生的 spontaneously 自发地 Suppress 镇压,禁止 surplus 多余的,剩余的 1 In the past ten years skyscrapers have developed ______ in Chicago and New York City.(99.1) A. homogeneously B. simultaneously C. spontaneously D. harmoniously 2 Fiber-optic cables can carry hundreds of telephone conversations____.(00.6) A. simultaneously B. spontaneously C. homogeneously D. contemporarily 3 Many scientists remain ________ about the value of this research program.(02.1) A) skeptical B) stationary C) spacious D) specific 4 We can't help being ________of Bob who bought a luxurious sports car just after the money was stolen from the office.(03.9) A) skeptical B) appreciative C) suspicious D) tolerant 5 Some educators try to put students of similar abilities into the same class because they believe this kind of ______ grouping is advisable. A) homogeneous B) instantaneous C) Spontaneous D) anonymous (02---6) 6 Nothing Helen says is ever ________. She always thinks carefully before she speaks. A) simultaneous B) homogenous C) Spontaneous D) rigorous (05---1) 7 Although there are occasional outbreaks of gunfire, we can report that the rebellion has in the main been _________,(99.6) A. canceled B. destroyed C. suppressed D. restrained 8 If nothing is done to protect the environment, millions of spedes that are alive today will have become ________ . (01.1.) A) deteriorated B) degenerated C) suppressed D) extinct 9 The original elections were declared ______ by the former military ruler. (99.1) A. void B. vulgar C. surplus D. extravagant 10 Among all the changes resulting from the______ entry of women into the work force, the transformation that has occurred in the women themselves is not least important. (00.6) A. massive B. quantitative C. surplus D. formidable 答案及解析 1B homogeneously 同类的,相似的 spontaneously 自然的,本能的 harmoniously和谐的,调和的 2 A contemporarily临时的(同样是上面一组词哦~) 3 A stationary固定的 spacious 广大的,大规模的 specific明确的,特殊的 4 C appreciative欣赏力 suspicious of 怀疑,而Skeptical about 怀疑 5 A anonymous 匿名的 ,其他同题1 6 C rigorous 严格的,严厉的 7 C canceled 取消 restraine抑制,制止 8 D deteriorated (使)恶化 degenerated 退化的 extinct 熄灭,耗尽 9 A void 无效的 vulgar粗俗的 extravagant奢侈的,浪费的 10 A massive 大量的 quantitative数量的,定量的 formidable另人敬畏的 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20141220/210904.html