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六级高频词汇: Reclaim 要回;开垦荒地,回收 Reconcile vt. 使和解, 使和谐, 使顺从 Refute 反驳,驳斥 remedy 治疗,矫正(坏事,缺点) revive (使)苏醒, (使)复兴, (使)复活, (使)再生效, 回想 1 Once you get to know your mistakes, you should ________ them as soon as possible. (02.1) A) rectify B) reclaim C) refrain D) reckon 2 In order to prevent stress from being set up in the metal, expansion joints are fitted which _______ 2 the stress by allowing the pipe to expand or contract freely.(03.1-) A) relieve B) reconcile C) reclaim D) rectify 3 Ifounditdifficultto_____mycareerambitionswiththeneedtobringupmychildren. A)consolidate B)amendC)reconcile D) Intensify (03---6) 4 As we know, computers are used to store and ________information efficiently. A) reclaim B) reconcile C)reassure D) retrieve (04---6) 5 As soon as the boy was able to earn his own living he ______ his parents' strict rules.(01.1) A) defied B) refuted C) excluded D) vetoed 6 There claims to damages have not been convincingly_____ .(01.6.) A)refuted B)overwhelmed C)depressed D)intimidated 7 We ‘ll ______ you for any damage done to your house while we are in it. (00.6) A. compensate B. remedy C. supplement D. retrieve 8 If a person talks about his weak points,his listener is expected to say something in the way of ______.(98.6) A. persuasion B. remedy C. encouragement D. compromise 9 The Spanish team, who are not in superb form, will be doing their best next week to_____ themselves on tile German team for last year's defeat. (03.12) A) remedy B) reproach C) revive D) revenge 10 A number of students ________ in flats, and others live in the nearby holiday resorts, where there is a reasonable supply of competitively priced accommodation.(05.1) A) revive B) inhabit C) gather D) reside 答案及解析 1 A rectify 矫正,调整 refrain 节制,避免 reckon计算,估计 2 A relieve减轻 reconcile使和解,使和谐 3 C consolidate巩固,加强 amend修正,改进 Intensify加强,强化 4 D reassure 使安心,保证 retrieve 储存 5 A defied不服从 excluded 把排除在外 vetoed 否认 6 A depress压下 overwhelmed 淹没,压倒 intimidated胁迫 7 A compensate偿还,补偿 retrieve 找回 8 C persuasion说服 encouragement 鼓励,奖励 compromise 妥协,折中 9 D reproach 责备 revenge报仇 10 D inhabit居住于 reside in 居住 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20141219/210704.html