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六级高频词汇: paradox 似非而是的论点, 自相矛盾的话 permeate vt.弥漫, 渗透, 透过, 充满 vi. 透入 perpetual 永久的 Permanent 永久的,不变的 Persistent 坚持不懈的,执意的:拒绝放弃或听任的;顽固坚持的 Presentation 介绍,陈述;提出 1 We worktomakemoney,butit'sa_____thatpeoplewhoworkhardandlongoftendonotmakethemostmoney.(03.6) A)paradox B)prejudicec)dilemma D)conflict 2 Astronomers at the University of California discovered one of the most distant_____.(03.12) A) paradoxes B) paradises C) galaxies D) shuttles 3 An obvious change of attitude at the top towards women’s status in society will ______ through the current law system in Japan.(99.1) A. permeate B. probe C. violate D. grope 4 Allenwillsoonfindoutthatreallifeisseldomassimpleasitis_____incommercials. (03---6 ) A)permeatedB)alleged C)depicted D)drafted 5 Becauseofthe_____noiseoftrafficIcouldn'tgettosleeplastnight.(03.6) A)prevalent B)perpetual C)provocative D)progressive 6 ________ efforts are needed in order to finish important but unpleasant tasks.(05.1) A) Consecutive B) Condensed C) Perpetual D) Persistent 7 For many patients, institutional care is the most _______ and beneficial form of care.(98.6) A) persistent B) appropriate C) thoughtful D) sufficient 8 If yougototheparkeverydayinthemorning,youwill_____findhimdoingphysicalexercisethere. A)ordinarilyB)invariablyC)logicallyD)persistently(03---6) 9 The changing image of the family on television provides ____ into changing attitudes toward the family in society.(99.1) A. insights B. presentations C. revelations D. specifications 10 Clark felt that his _______ in one of the most dramatic medical experiments of all time was worth the suffering he underwent.(00.1) A. appreciation B.participation C. presentation D. apprehension 答案及解析 1 A prejudice偏见 dilemma进退两难的局面 conflict冲突 2 C paradises 天堂 galaxies 星系,银河 shuttles 往返汽车 3 D probe 探察,查明 violate违反,冒犯 grope摸索 4 C depicted 描述,描写 drafted起草,草拟 5 B prevalent流行的,普遍的 provocative煽动的 progressive前进的 6 D Consecutive连续的 Condensed 浓缩 Persistent持久稳固的 7 B appropriate 适当的 sufficient充分的,足够的 8 B logically 逻辑上 invariably总是 9 A insights 洞察,见识 revelations 显示,揭露 specifications祥述 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20141219/210703.html