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六级高频词汇: intuition 直觉, 直觉的知识 manifest 出现, 表明, 证明 mingle (使)混合 notorious adj.恶名昭箸的,声名狼藉的 Obscure adj.暗的, 朦胧的, 模糊的, 晦涩的 vt. 使暗, 使不明显 1 His ______ was telling him that something was wrong. (00.1) A.sentiment B. inspiration C. hypothesis D. intuition 2 Most mathematicians trust their ________ in solving problems and readily admit they would not be able to function without it.(05.1) A) conception B) perception C) intuition D) cognition 3 The doctors don't ______that he will live much longer. (00.1-) A. manifest B. articulate C. anticipate D. monitor 4 His illness first _ itself as severe stomach pains and headaches.(04.6) A) expressed B) manifested C)reflected D) displayed 5 Now the cheers and applause ______ in a single sustained roar.(00.1) A. mingled B. concentrated C. assembled D. permeated 6 One of the examination questions_____ me completely and I couldn't answer it.(03.12) A) baffled B) mingled C) provoked D) diverted 7 The directions were so _______ that it was impossible to complete the assignment.(98.6) A)ingenious B) ambitious C) notorious D) ambiguous 8 That part of the city has long been _____ for its street violence.(00.1) A. notorious B. responsible C. historical D. illegal 9 Parents take a great interest in the _______ questions raised by their children(98.6.) A) nasty B) naive C) obscure D) offensive 10 Very few people understood his lecture, the subject of which was very______.(00.1) A)dim B)obscure C)conspicuous D)intelligible 答案及解析 1 D sentiment 情感 inspiration 灵感 hypothesis 假设 2 C conception观念,概念 perception理解,感觉 cognition认识 3 C articulate用关节连接 anticipate预期,预见 monitor监控 4 B expressed表达 reflected反射 5 A concentrated 集中 assembled装配,组合 permeated 弥漫,渗透 6 A baffle 困惑 ,阻碍 diverted 转移 7 D ingenious有独创性的 ambitious雄心勃勃的 ambiguous不明确的 8 A historical 历史(上)的 illegal违法的 9 B nasty污秽的,肮脏的 naive天真的 offensive进攻的 10 B dim 暗淡的,模糊的 conspicuous显著的 intelligible可理解的 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20141218/210506.html