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六级高频词汇: Inspiration 灵感 Intensify vt.加强 Intervene 干涉,干预;干扰,阻挠 Intricate复杂的, 错综的, 难以理解的,精巧的 Intrinsic (指价值、性质)固有的, 内在的, 本质的 1 It is very strange but I had an ______ that the plane would crash. (99.1) A. inspiration B. intuition C. imagination D. incentive 2 It is no ________that a large number of violent CRImes are committed under the influence of alcohol. A) coincidence C) inspiration B) correspondence D) intuition (03--9) 3 Ifounditdifficultto_____mycareerambitionswiththeneedtobringupmychildren. A)consolidateC)reconcileB)amendDIntensify(03---6) 4 By turning this knob to the right you can ________ the sound from the radio. A) intensify C) enlarge B) amplify D) reinforce (05---1) 5 The prison guards were armed and ready to shoot if ________ in any way.(02.1) A) intervened B) incurred C) provoked D) poked 6 The local business was not much ________by the sudden outbreak of the epidemic. (03.9) A) intervened B) insulated C) hampered D) hoisted 7 Although the body is made up of many different tissues, these tissues are arranged in an _____ and orderly fashion.(00.1) A. intricate B. initial C. internal D. incredible 8 The glass vessels should be handled most carefully since they are _______. A) intricate C) subtle B) fragile D) CRIsp (03---1) 9 Diamonds have little ______ value and their price depends almost entirely on their scarcity.(99.1) A. extinct B. permanent C. surplus D. instrinsic 10 There was once an _______idea that the earth was flat and motionless.(99.6) A. absurd B. intrinsic C. eternal D. offensive 答案及解析 1 B intuition 直觉 imagination 想象 incentive动机 2 D sentiment 情感情绪 hypothesis 假设 3 C consolidate巩固 reconcile和谐,协调 amend修正,改进 4 B enlarge扩大,放大 amplify扩大 5 C incurred招致 provoked煽动,激起 poked刺, 戳 6 C insulated绝缘的,隔热的 hampered妨碍 hoisted提升 7 A initial 最初的 internal内在的,国内的 incredible难以置信的 8 B subtle敏感的,微妙的 fragile易碎的 CRIsp 脆的 9 D extinct灭绝的 permanent 永久的 surplus剩余,过剩 10 A absurd 荒谬的,可笑的 offensive攻击性的 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20141218/210505.html