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六级高频词汇: impart 告知,透露;赋予,给予 Impulse n.推动, 刺激, 冲动, 推动力 vt.推动 incompatible 性质相反的,不能和谐并存的,矛盾的 ingenious 有发明天才的,机敏的,灵巧的 Inject 注射, 注入 1 We shall probably never be able to ______ the exact nature of these sub-atomic particles.(02.6) A) assert B) impart C) ascertain D) notify 2 By patient questioning the lawyer managed to ________enough information from the witnesses.(03.9) A) evacuate B) withdraw C) impart D) elicit 3 The lady in this strange tale very obviously suffers from a serious mental illness. Her plot against a completely innocent old man is a clear sign of ______. A) impulse B) insanity C) inspiration D) disposition (02---1) 4 In fact as he approached this famous statue, he only barely resisted the ________to reach into his bag for his camera. A) impatience B) impulse C) incentive D) initiative (03---9) 5 A budget of five dollars a day is totally ______ for a trip round Eroupe.(99.1) A. inadequate B. incapable C. incompatible D. invalid 6 The ______ cycle of life and death is a subject of interest to scientist and philosophers alike. .(00.6) A. incompatible B. exceeding C. instantaneous D. eternal 7 The directions were so _______that it was impossible to complete the assignment.(98.6) A. ingenious B. ambitious C. notorious D. ambiguous 8 Mr. Smith became very _____ when it was suggested that he had made a mistake (00.6) A. ingenious B. empirical C. objective D. indignant 9 Scientists are pushing known technologies to their limits in an attempt to ________more energy from the earth. A) extract B) inject C) discharge D) drain (03---9) 10 The doctors ________ the newly approved drug into the patient when he was CRItically ill. A) injected C) projected B) ejected D) subjected (05---1) 答案及解析 1 C assert断言,声称 ascertain确定,探知 notify通报 2 D evacuate疏散,撤出 withdraw收回,撤回 elicit得出,引出 3 B insanity精神错乱 inspiration灵感 disposition部署 4 B impatience 急噪 incentive动机,激励的 initiative主动 5 A inadequate 不充分的 incapable不能的 invalid有病的,残废的 6 D exceeding 非常的,极度的 instantaneous瞬间的,即时的 eternal永恒的 7 D ambitious雄心勃勃的 notorious 声名狼籍的 ambiguous不明确的 8 D empirical经验主义的 objective目标 indignant 愤怒的,愤慨的 9 A extract吸取 discharge 放下,卸下 drain消耗 10 A projected计划,方案 eject驱逐,喷射 subjected题目,科目 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20141217/210326.html