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六级高频词汇: evoke 召唤,引起 feeble 虚弱的 highlight 强调,突出,使显著;最精彩的部分,最重要的事件 illusion 幻想 错觉,假象:对现实错误的看法 immerse 沉浸, 使陷入 使专心 1 When people are asked what kind of housing they need or want , the question ______ a variety of answers. (99.6) A. defies B. magnifies C. mediates D. evokes 2 When the farmers visited the city for the first time, they were _____ by its complicated traffic system.(01.6) A. evoked B. bewildered C. diverted D. undermined 3 There is a ______ difference in meaning between the words surroundings and environment. (98.6) A. gentle B. subtle C. feeble D. humble 4 The ties that bind us together in common activity are so ______ that they can disappear at any moment.(99.1) A. trivial B. fatal C. tentative D. feeble 5 He wouldn't answer the reporters' questions, nor would he ________ for a photograph.(02.1) A) summon B) highlight C) pose D) marshal 6 The ________of our trip to London was the visit to Buckingham Palace.(03.9) A) summit B) height C) peak D) highlight 7 The magician made us think he cut the girl into pieces but it was merely an ______. A) Illusion B) impression C) image D) illumination (02---6) 8 Thedesignofthisauditoriumshowsagreatdealof_____.Wehaveneverseensuchabuildingbefore. A)inventionC)originalityB)illusionD)orientation(03---6) 9 For years now, the people of that faraway country have been cruelly ______by a dictator. (00.6) A. depressed B. immersed C. oppressed D.cursed 10 They were _____ in their scientific research, not knowing what happened just outside their lab.(01.6) A)submerged B)drowned C)immersed D)dipped 答案解析 1 D defies公然反抗,挑战 magnifies 放大,扩大 mediate 仲裁 2 B bewildered使迷惑,使不知所措 diverted转移 undermined破坏 3 B gentle 温和的 subtle敏感的,微妙的 humble卑贱的,微下的 4 D trivial琐碎的 fatal致命的,重大的 tentative 试验性的,试探的 5 C summon召唤,召集 pose摆姿态 marshal排列,集合 6 D summit顶点,最高阶层 height高度,海拔 peak最高点 7A impression 印象 image 想象 illumination照明,启发 8 C originality创意,创奇 orientation方向,方位 9 C depressed 沮丧的 oppressed压制,压迫 cursed 10C submerge浸没,淹没 drowned淹死 dip蘸,浸 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20141217/210325.html