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【四级选词填空题目】 The fact is, the world has been finding less oil than it has been using for more than twenty years now. Not only has demand been __36__, but the oil we have been finding is coming from places that are __37__ to reach. At the same time, more of this newly __38__ oil is of the type that requires a greater investment to __39__. And because demand for this precious resource will grow, according to some, by over 40 percent by 2025, fueling the world’s economic __40__ will take a lot more energy from every possible source. The energy industry needs to get more from existing fields while continuing to search for new __41__. Automakers must continue to improve fuel efficiency and perfect hybrid(混合动力的)vehicles. Technological improvements are needed so that wind, solar and hydrogen can be more __42__ parts of the energy equation. Governments need to formulate energy policies that promote __43__ and environmentally sound development. Consumers must be willing to pay for some of these solutions, while practicing conservation efforts of their own. Inaction is not an __44__. So let’s work together to balance this equation. We are taking some of the __45__ needed to get started, but we need your help to go the rest of the way. A) consequently I) feasible B) cultivate  J) growth C) declining K) option D) derived  L) refine E) difficult M) reserves F) discovered  N) soaring G) economically O) steps H) exception 【文都版参考答案】 36 N soaring 37 E difficult 38 F discovered 39 L refine 40 J growth 41 M reserves 42 I feasible 43 G economically 44 K option 45 O steps 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20140614/178532.html