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2013年12月英语四级答案完整版,供大家参考。祝各位考生四级考试顺利通过。 2013年英语四级完整版答案 作文部分: 范文一: The modern technology has greatly altered the mode of communication among people. With the help of the Internet, people can easily contact each other anytime anywhere. However, the side effect is that many people have become over-dependent on the Internet and neglected face-to-face communication. As far as I'm concerned, electronic communication cannot fully replace the direct contact among people. Although it seems to bring everyone together, it actually estranges people and decreases the effectiveness of communication. A typical example is that, traditionally, people working in the same office simply walk to others and talk. Today, however, co-workers tend to send e-mails or instant messages through the Internet even when they are sitting next to each other. As words can never convey the full message, it usually takes much more time and rounds of conversation than face-to-face communication, in which people can discuss more directly with less loss of information. To conclude, the Internet enables more effective communication in some situations, but over-dependence on it actually pulls people apart. 范文二: It is frequently observed that many people keep looking down at their mobile phones whatever they are doing. It is true that mobile phones have brought great convenience to us as we can send short messages, check e-mails, surf the Internet, or watch videos almost anywhere. However, the overuse of mobile phones also leads to some serious problems. The over-dependence on mobile phones can harm the relationship among friends and family. With mobile phones, people do not talk as much as before. For example, sometimes at dinner tables, instead of chatting and laughing with each other, many people choose to chat with other friends online. In other words, mobile phones help people contacting friends far away more easily at the expense of reducing the communication with those who are sitting right next to them. In conclusion, mobile phone can be a useful tool in modern life, but overusing it damages interpersonal relationship. There is no point to lose our intimacy with friends and family to modern technology. 范文三: The impact of the Internet on learning Explain why education doesn’t simply mean learning to obtain information In the age of knowledge explosion, the Internet opens a magical portal for leaners to get access to seemingly incessant information. But is information equal to knowledge? “Once I learn how to use google, isn't that all the education I really need?” This question fully embodies the prejudiced opinion that as long as people acquire abundant information, they will get proper education. The reason why education doesn’t simply mean learning to obtain information is that education is not limited to the hard facts or theories students can learn from their textbooks or the Internet. It relates to a wider scope ranging from the obtainment of practical skills to the development of characters, which are hard for students to learn simply by googling. Consequently, comprehensive learning in schools that includes learning knowledge, conducting experiments and communicating with peers is what true education is. In a word, the Internet does provide valuable information for learners, but people should be fully conscious of the essence of education and learn to tell the right from the wrong. 听力部分: 1. C. Consult a travel agent. 2. A. They are on a long trip by car. 3. C. He is unwilling to speak in public. 4. B. Purse further education. 5. A. He would not be available to start the job in time. 6. B. Mechanic. 7. D. Ask Laura to put off the cleaning until another week. 8. A. A problem caused by the construction. 9. C. To place an order for some products. 10. A. The person in charge is not in the office. 11. B. 0734, 21653 extension 51. 12. B. Since he took to heavy smoking. 13. A. He is getting too fat. 14. D. They dislike doing physical exercise. 15. C. To find a girlfriend. 16-19音频无。 20. B. Considerate. 21. A. Someone dumped the clothes left in the washer and dryer. 22. C. Informing the building manager of the matter. 23. A. She is both a popular and a highly respected author. 24. B. The Nobel Prize for literature. 25. D. She is a black woman. 26. In addition 27. software 28. available 29. individuals 30. technological  31. manufacture 32. In short 33. By contrast 34. scientific 35. quantity 阅读答案: 36. O worsens 37. E experience 38. K specialized 39. A additional 40. J qualifies 41. G graduates 42. M trained 43. C demand 44. L tension 45. N view 四级阅读匹配答案 46. E 47. A 48. I 49. C 50. J 51. H 52. A 53. G 54. E 55. F 四级阅读仔细阅读1答案 56. A. How we perceive the food we eat. 57. D. You would not feel so hungry. 58. B. Food labels may influence our body's response to food. 59. A. Trick ourselves into eating less. 60. B. Psychological factors influence our hunger levels. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20131216/151237.html