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以下为2013年12月大学英语四级考试听力短文3答案,考完试的同学可以看一下,备考的同学也可以研究一下考题。希望大家四级考试顺利通过。 On March 13th, while on duty Charles Mclaughlin, a very careless driver employed by the company Lummis was involved in another accident. The accident occurred in Riverside California. Not paying attention to his driving, Mclaughlin turned right on main street and 33rd street and hit Volkswagen rabbit. This caused minor damage to his truck and serious damage to the car. On the basis of the police report, the Lummis accident committee correctly determined that Mclaughlin had been quite careless. As a result of the committee’s conclusion, the branch manager Mr. David Rossi reported that he had talked with Mclaughlin about his extremely poor driving record. Further evidence of Mclaughlin's irresponsibility occurred on May 6th when he was returning from his shift. That day he ran into a roll-up door at the Lummis facility in Valero, causing significant damage to the door. Damage to the truck, however, was minor. Finally, on June 7th, Mclaughlin once again demonstrated his carelessness by knocking down several mail boxes near the edge of the company’s parking lot. There was damage to the mailboxes and minor damage to the truck. Mr. David Rossi stated that he had spoken with Mclaughlin on several occasions about his driving record. He added that he had warned Mclaughlin that three preventable accidents in one year could lead to his discharge, as indeed it should. 23. What did the Lummis accident committee find out about the accident that occurred on March 13th? 24. What did Mclaughlin do on June 7th near the edge of the company’s parking lot? 25. What is most probably going to happen to Mclaughlin? 23. 答案:D) Mclaughlin's carelessness resulted in the collision. 24. 答案:B) He knocked down several mailboxes. 25. 答案:A) He will lose his job. 【点评】 本篇短文主要讲了Charles Mclaughlin一年之内因粗心大意所发生的三次交通事故。 第一次:时间:3月13日;经过:Mclaughlin驾驶货车在主大街第33大街向右拐弯撞上一辆小轿车。原因:Mclaughlin粗心大意;造成的后果:卡车轻微受损,小轿车严重损坏; 第二次:时间:5月6日;经过:Mclaughlin在换班的时候驾驶货车撞到一个卷帘门;原因:Mclaughlin不负责任,粗心;造成的后果:卷帘门严重损坏,卡车受损; 第三次:时间:6月7日;经过:Mclaughlin驾驶货车在公司停车场附近撞翻了几个邮筒;原因:Mclaughlin粗心大意;造成的后果:邮筒严重受损,卡车轻微受损。 本篇文章是听力第三篇短文,难度不大。文章虽然出现了一些人名和地名,但是同学们不需要知道它们是什么意思,人名地名不会作为考察点放在题目中,同学们需要重点分辨的是这三次事故发生的时间,题目重点考察同学对短文信息细节的抓取能力。但是其中有几个短语和单词需要关注一下:pay attention to 注意;重视;run into 撞上;撞到;roll-up door 卷帘门;knock down 撞翻;parking lot 停车场;mailbox 邮箱,邮筒;preventable 可预防的;as的用法。理解了这些词的意思,对本篇听力的整体理解基本就没有什么障碍了。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20131214/150828.html