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1.ascend The pilots were told to descend to two-two thousand feet. The instruction actually meant twenty two thousand feet,but they thought they heard descent two thousand feet. That is a huge difference, and it should have been confirmed,but it was not. Unfortunately,the terrain of mountains in that region ascend to two thousand feet. 2.aspect The next three qustion were all concerned with aspects of marriage.Number 3 looked at the ideal age to get married.Number 4 examined the quailties looked for in the partner and number 5 asked about the ideal number of children. 3.assess As nurses we are licensed to provide nursing care only.We provide health teaching, assess with physical as well as emotional problems, and coordinate patient related sevices. 4.assistance I couldn't have won the award without your assistance.Thank you very much. You've been working so hard.You deserve the honor. 5.atmosphere The "wake up,wake up" call by loudspeakers at 7o'clock every morning is followed by a music program which creats atmosphere of a hoilday camp. 6.attach Radio trainsmitters to some of the sea animals help the research keep track of the animal's movements. 7.attack The doctor said if I kept smoking, I would increase my chances of having a heart attack. Did he suggest reducing weight, too? 8.attend Dunant gathered together a number of women who attended hundreds of wounded solidiers fo all nationalities and helped the surgeons as best as they could. Can you tell me when I can leave here doctor?I have a some of important business to attend to. That depends on how your condition reacts to our treatment.You may leave as soon as the bleeding stops.I think that will take a couple of days. 9.attendence The pupils with good attendence have been given free humbugers,toys and T-shirts. 10.attention So you just back for a trip to India.What were you doing there? The trip was intended to bring to the world's of attention the fact that AIDS is not just an Africens diseases; It's also eddangering other countries, notably, India and Thailand. 11.attitude According to their fans,insects not only high protein and low in fat, but also very tasty.But until our attitude to food change from the fundamentally.It seems that insect eaters will remain a select few. 12.attraction Women's liberation groups in Britain have used graffiti to show their anger at the sex desCRImination of many advertisements where women's bodies are used to sell goods,yesterdays could be graffiti can be todays tourist attration. 13.attribute Thinness is currently an attribute that females desire highly. 14.authority I mean, I hope I'll be able to choose the kind of job I do and who I work for.Of course,I'd like to have more money and more authortiy than I have now. 15.automatic Can you show me how to use John? It's fully automatic.All you have to do is focus on the scene and press the button here. 16.available Could I speak to doctor Chen?He told me to call today. He is not available right now.Would you try aroud three? 17.average Between 1969 and 1989, employed Americans add an average of 138 hours to their yearly work schedules. Nilrikman and many others of the Harvard research group have done some research into the differences between average and good negotiators. 18.avoid Mr. Wilson, you said you saw the bus crash into the truck.Did you know what caused the accident? I saw boy riding in his bicycle in the street.The bus drivers tried to avoid hitting him.He made the sudden turn and lost control of the bus. 19.award In 1931,Jane Adams was awarded the Nobel Prize of what he has done for his society. 20.balance Sometimes the overall energy balance is upset and new normal body weight will be either fall or increase. To maintain a given body weight,your energy input must balance your energy output. 21.bald An America's national symbol-the Bald Eagle, almost went extinct 20 years ago,but it has made a comeback. 22.bargain I know it's the end of the season, but those peach essuch bargain and I couldn't help buying them!Have one please! Thank you!Actually, they seem past their prime. 23.battle On 24th June, 1859 while on his way from Geneva to France,Dunant witnessed the battle between the Franch and Austrian armies. 24.behavior By comparison, Americans are often frank obout displaying both positive and negative emotions on the street and in other public places.American is visting Asia should keep in mind that such behavior may cause affence. 25.believe Lots of people and joy dancing,do you? Believed it or not,that is the last thing I'd ever want to do. 26.benifit For them,the econemy benifits they reap surpasses the risk of dying or losing property in one of the volcano's frequent eruptions. Who will benifit from the scheme being tried in Florida. 27.bias Earlier studyies indicated that very young school children aged 5 and 7, showed no bias in choosing musical instruments,but they tastes become more clear between the age of 8 and 10. 28.blame Plowing is blamed for causing severe damage to top soil by removing the plants that protect soil from being blown or washed away. 29.blunt Many East Asians prefer to hold motions in check and instead express theirselves with great politeness.They try not to be blunt and avoid making the direct CRIticism. 30.booth While several countries are displaying electronic produce,China selection is very large this year.You might well go to east wing first to take a look at the Chinese booth. 31.border In July, 1990,a British wifelife group uncover black market in elephant's skin.Elephants are shot in the forests along the border between Thailand and Burma.And their skins are sold to factories in Bangkok. 32.brake Good morning!What can I do for you? I'd like to have my emergency brake fixed.The car rolls when I parke it on the hill. 33.brank Is it that a new brank of typewriter you're working at? Oh!Bill,this is the first time you ask me about it. 34.break This mechine has so many buttons. I can't figure out which one makes it run. You had better read the instructions first.Pressing the buttons randomly may cause the mechine to break down. 35.breathe I wonder if our children will still be able to breathe the clean air,drink clean water and see the blue sky. I agree with you.I think it's the time man learned to live in harmony with the Earth instead of just expoliting it. 36.breed Specialist advice is available to help you to choose the most suitable breed of dog. 37.brighten In new York,the griffiti pictures have been sold for a hundreds of thousands of dollars.Giffiti artists have been paid to use their art to brighten up dull environments. 38.bring A trivial thing may sometimes bring about undesirable consequences. The New Year always brings with the cultural tradition of new possibilities. 39.broad There was broad agreement between boys and girls on which instruments each sex should play and the reasons varied. 40.brush At every percaution prevent national flag from being scold,it should not be allowed the touch ground or flow not to brush against obstracles. 41.budget I certainly would like to buy the fur coat I saw in the department store but I don't have enough money. Well.If you have budgeted your money better,you'd be able to buy it now. 42.bulletin Susan,have you read the notice on the bulletin board?I've won the scholarship for the next semester. I know you would,you certainly deserve it. 43.business Tom must be joking when he said he plans to sell his shows and go to the medical school. You are quiet right!He's just kidding!He's also told me time and time again.he wished to study for some profession instead of going into business. 44.cabinet Mrs Johnson,have you heard the morning news report?Mill has resigned his post as Prime Minister. I didn't turn on the redio this morning,but I did see the headlines.If you remember, his threatened to leave the office at the last cabinet meeting. 45.cafeteria The cafeteria provided many kinds of dishes for us today.Did you notice that? Yes,kind of rare,isnt it. 46.campaign You are my campaign manger.What do you think we should do to win the election? I'm convinced I am the best candidate for the chairman of the Student's Union. We won't be able to win unless we get the majority of votes from the women students 47.candidate The Deam just announced that the Doctor Holden's going to take over as the chairman of the history department. I knew it all along,he is the obvious choices.All the other candidants are no match for him! 48.capacity People who got hurt in the accident may develop psychic scars that have a significant impact upon their capacity to enjoy stable,fulfilling lives. 49.capture Asian elephants live in the remote forest of southern Asia.And therefor it's very difficult to study them.Most knowlege about Asian elephants is from those that have been captured or tamed 50.career During the final years of his career,Wilt Chamberlain drew a large salary and became very wealthy. 51.cause How could a misunderstanding like that cause such a serious accident? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20130625/125545.html