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Part One 熟悉单词 1. concept概念 观念 设想 Do you think home video players would replace movie theaters and force them out of the entertainment businesses? We certainly face to the great challenge from the DVD industry, that’s why I think we have to revolution our concept about the movie showing. As I said, the movie theater should not just be a place to watch a film, but place to meet people. 2. concerning关于 You must be familiar with all safety preceduling operation and maitainment this equipment. 3. concert音乐会 演奏会 Did you see just now, I want to ask her to go with us to the concert tonight. She must be around somewhere. You might still be able to catch her. 4. conduct进行 管理 举止 行为 What’s considered typical popular conduct in one country maybe regarded as odd, iNPRoper or even rude in the other. 5. conference会议 正式会议 讨论会 I thought you are going to call me last night about the plans for the conference on language teaching. Sorry, I should have. But tom and Jane stopped by, and stayed until midnight. 6. confidence信任 信赖 信心 自信 I’ve never seen you have such confidence before in the exam. It’s more than confidence! Right now I feel if I got less than A, it will be the fault of the exam itself. 7. confirm证实 肯定 确认 When the docotor examed Wilt, the docotor confirmed Wilt’s fears. The doctor told Wilt that he had a broken bone in the wirst, and he couldn’t play anymore. 8. consequently所以 因此 因而 Fishes are caught when they are on the way upstream to lay eggs, Consequently, not enough fished are left to reproduce in large numbers. 9. consider考虑 认为 把…看作 Most Americans are consider to success when they make a name for themselves. 10. constitude构成 形成 建立 Professor Stevenson, as a economist, how do you look upon the surging chinese ecnomy? does it constitude a threat to the rest of the world? I believe china’s economics success should be seen more as an opportunity than a threat, those who look upon it as a threat overlooked the benefit of china’s growth to the world economy, they also lack the understanding of elementary economics. 11. constitutional宪法的 宪法规定的 As ambassador to France, Benjamin Franklin encouraged the french to help Georgy Washingdon. After the war, he attended the American Constitutional Congress. 12. consultant顾问 专科医生 By the way, Jane, did you talk to the consultant about our new health program? I contacted his office, but his secrectary said he would be out for lunch until 2. 13. consume消耗 喝光 The human body is a remarkable food processer. as a adult, you can consume over a ton of food per year, and still not gain or lose a pound of body weight. 14. contact接触 联系 与…取得联系 The virus can be highly infectious. If you come in contact with a victim’s blood or other body fluids, you can get sick, too. Mary, could you please tell thomas to contact to me, I was hoping him would be able to help me out with the freshmen orientation program next week. I would certainly tell him If I saw him, but I haven’t see him around for quite a few days. 15. continue继续 延续 Until marriage again become a serious important part of people’s lives, we’ll probably continue to see a high rate of divorce. 16. contract合同 契约 You have the right to cancel the contract at anytime up to 7 working days after the date you send your acceptance form to us. 17. contribute作出贡献 有助于 When her youngest child reach the school age, jane decided to go back to work, she felt she should contribute to the household finances. 18. contribution共线 促成作用 As ambassador to France, Benjamin Franklin encouraged the French to help Georgy washington. After the war, he attended the American Constitutional Congress. This was his last contribution for he died later that year. 19. conrol控制 International rescue works brought equipment to Zaire soon after the outbreak occurred, now the disease appears to be under control. 20. convention习俗 公约 大会 定期大会 Many Europeans states supported Dunant and on 22th August 1864 the first Geneva convention was signed. 21. cooperate合作 协作 配合 As an open and cooperative art, the network art enables artists to cooperate and intercommunicate with IT experts. 22. cooperative合作的 合作组织 Another problem is that the members of the fishing cooperative are over-fishing. 23. coordinate调节 协调 As nurses, we are licensed to provide nursing care only, we provid health teaching, assess with physical as well as emotional prolems, and coordinate patient related services. 24. cope(成功地)应付 (妥善地)处理 With support from the united nations, coutries will be encouraged to share information about the disaster reduction, for instance, information about how to plan for and cope with hurricanes, earthquakes and other nature disasters. 25. corporate法人团体的 公司的 The president says many of the Philadelphia summit’s corporate sponsors will recruit tutors. 26. correspondence信件 函件 The first thing is correspondence. We have a lot of standard letters and forms, so I suppose we need some kind of processor. 27. cost费用 代价 (使)花费 There is also the open yellow bus number 300 to the city at a cost of 3 dollars for adults or 1 dollars 50 cents for a children. 28. costume服装 服饰 Do not use the flag as a part of costume or athletic uniform. 29. court法庭 球场 You son’s certainly shows a lot of enthusiasm on the tennis court. I only wish he’d show as much for his studies. 30. cover盖 覆盖 The sea dragon is covered with skin that looks like leaves. 31. crash碰撞 坠毁 破裂声 Cars will be automatically controlled by a computer, all the driver will have to do is say where to go and the computer will do the rest. It will become possible for cars to crash into one another. Did you hear about the air crash that occurred in southern American recently? It was quite a tragic accident. No, I didn’t see anything In the News about it, what happened? 32. create创造 创作 To be successful in the job interview, you should demonstrate certain personal and professional qualities, you need to create a good image in the limited time available. 33. creative创造(性)的 有创造力的 Many people join in community theatres, because they want to perform or to be creative. 34. credit 信贷 学分 Professor Smith, I really need the credits to graduate this summer. Here in this school, the credits are earned not given. 35. crew全体机组人员 一队工作人员 Is the resuce crew still looking for survivors of the plane scrash? Yes, they have been searching the area for hours, but they haven’t found anybody else. They will keep searching until night falls. 36. CRIminal罪犯 犯人 刑事犯 Cotton Ville is a new prison, specially designed for women CRIminals in Scotland 37. CRItical关键性的 批评的 Cosumes of medically related services have evidently not been affected enough yet, to demand changes in our medical system. But if trends continue as predicted, they will find that most critical hospital care will be provided by new, inexperienced,and sometime inadequately trained nurses. 38. criticism批评 批判 指责 评论 评论文章 The modernity of literature is the sort of criticism, which embodies the critiques both in the tradition and the modern civilization. 39. cupboard食橱 碗橱 Say your goal is to lose weight by dieting and cutting off sweets, but one night you just have to have a cookie and you know there’s a bag of your favorites in the cupboard. 40. current当前的 (空气、水、电等的)流 Research has revealed that about 40 percent of the adult man and 55 percent of the adult women are dissatisfied with their current body weight. 41. curriculum课程 (学校等的)全部课程 I have flown from San Francisco to Virginia to attend a conference on multiculturalism. Hundreds of educations from across the country were meeting to discuss the need for greater culture diversity in the school curriculum. 42. custom风俗 海关 American visitors to East Asia are often surprised and puzzled by how Asian cultures and customs differ from those in the United States. 43. daily日常的 天天 日报 Do you let people know when you are taking pictures of them? I try not to, I don’t like pictures of people who pose for the camera. I like people who are going about their daily business without being aware of the camera. 44. dealine最后期限 The deadline for the sociology and computer courses is the day after tomorrow. But I haven’t decided which courses to take yet. 45. deadly致死的 致命的 非常、极度地 A deadly infectious outbreak swept though a small city in Zaire, Africa last Spring, killing more than 100 people. 46. deal处理 交易 协议 You take the benefits of the apple tree, but refused to deal the bad side of it. Mr.Deley, I’ve just checked my new apartment, the kitchen sink is leaking! Ok, madam. That’s not a big deal, I have a maintenance man come over and fix it right away. 47. dean主任牧师 (大学的)学院院长 系主任 After 8 challenging and successful years, Brian Land resigned as dean in June 1972. 48. decay腐烂 衰落 Doctor.Faustick conducted a 2-year survey to find out how to prevent or reduce dental decay. 49. decide决定 对…作出判断 拿定主意 How did you go to Canada, jane? did you fly? I was planning to, because it’s such a long trip by bus or by train, but Fred decided to drive and invited me to join him, it took us two days and a night. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20130624/125419.html