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以下为2013年6月大学英语六级翻译真题及答案,由文都教育提供,考完试的同学可以看一下,备考的同学也可以研究一下考题。希望大家六级考试顺利通过。 2013.06.15 大学英语六级考试翻译真题及答案 82. (我们刚到山顶)than we all sat down to rest. 83. Anyone driving with a high blood alcohol level (将被指控为醉驾) and face a severe penalty. 84. Many people have become so addicted to online shopping that they (情不自禁每天都要访问购物网站). 85. You are an executive council member of our organization, so (你说的话有份量). 86. To fully appreciate the author’s motive and intention, you really have to (仔细从字里行间去解读). 【答案】 82. No sooner had we reached the top of the hill 83. will be accused of drunk driving 84. can’t help themselves visiting shopping websites everyday 85. what you said weighs a lot /what you said matters 86. understand/read carefully between the lines 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20130615/124339.html