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2013年6月英语六级作文高分版 Keep Our Hearts Strong As the proverb goes, constant drops wear out the stone. Good habits help pave our way to success. However, during the cultivation of good habits we are frequently bewildered and baffled by temptations from the world around us. Only when we are alert and determined enough to resist these temptations can we take a right and unswerving road to success. In our daily life, it is essential for us to be self-disciplined. A healthy lifestyle, which may consist of regular exercise and balanced diet, is what most people are pursuing in contemporary society. Yet many people cannot resist the coziness of staying in and temptation of tasty but fatty food, thus giving up half way cultivating healthy habits and getting decreasingly robust. In addition, our progress in academic performance depends on good habits. We must restrain ourselves from endless entertainment. Otherwise, distracted and indulged, we can never maintain a good learning habit, let alone achieve academic excellence. In summary, good habits rely on strong hearts that are not disturbed by temptations. With persistence and perseverance, we are heading to success. 【点评】: 本次作文要求以“Good habits result from resisting temptation.”即“良好的习惯源自抵制诱惑”,这一谚语为话题发表议论,在写作时需要对谚语的寓意进行阐释,并且表达自己的观点和看法,相比更为常见的话题型和观点型作文题来说,有一定的难度。首先要求能够对谚语进行准确的理解,抓住谚语表达的中心意思,明确的提出观点,然后围绕这个意思进行阐述。所以在写作时需要强调抵制诱惑对于保持或者培养良好习惯的重要性,以这一论点进行展开阐述,注意行文的逻辑性和语言的准确、流畅。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20130615/124334.html