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看电影记六级单词 第64期:foresee

foresee 英汉解释 vt. 预见;预知 同义词 v. anticipate,counter,envision,foreknow 参考例句 1. Foresee, forgive, and forget. 预见,原谅,遗忘。 2. We should have foresee the trouble months ago. 我们几个月前就该预见到这一困难。 3. You cannot foresee who will hurt you, or if you will hurt others. 你不能预见谁会伤害你或者是你可能会伤害其他人。 视频对话: The maid of honor could have foreseen that her actions would have caused the dress to go unused. 伴娘本该能预见到她的举动会让这套婚纱报废。 本期学习词汇: foresee vt.预知,预见;有先见之明 更多例句: 1. He did not foresee any problems. 他没有预见到任何问题。 2. He could never have foreseen that one day his books would sell in millions. 他从来没预想过有一天他的书会卖掉几百万本。 3. No one can foresee what will happen in the future. 没有人能预见未来。 4. To foresee difficulties helps to overcome them. 预见问题,才能使我们克服问题。 5. A danger foresee is half avoided. 预见祸患,避祸一半。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20130129/104323.html