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新目标初中英语八年级下册Unit 1:A2a

[by:www.tingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 2a [00:03.95]Listen and circle the words you hear. [00:06.47] [00:07.42]OK,now I want to hear everyone's [00:10.62]predictions about the future. [00:12.83]Well,I think there will be more people. [00:16.52]More people? [00:18.60]OK,what else? [00:20.29]I predict that there will be less free time. [00:23.57]I hope not! [00:25.52]Well,I think there will be fewer cars. [00:29.53]You do ? [00:30.89]Yes,people will use the subways more. [00:34.05]That's a great idea. [00:36.46]Let's hear another prediction. [00:39.24]That will be less pollution. [00:41.68]That will be good for the earth! [00:43.70]I think there will be fewer trees. [00:46.75]I think cities will be really big and crowed [00:50.98]because there will be a lot more people. [00:53.58] 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20130116/102648.html