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短对话: 11. Go to the park to enjoy the flowers. 12. She cannot attend the presentation. 13. He is a very successful businessman. 14. She has every confidence in Susan. 15. It is worth the money taking a train to Miami. 16. The old furniture should be replaced. 17. The man got home late due to the storm. 18. The woman’s sons might enjoy team sports. 长对话: Conversation One 19. Take orders over the phone. 20. Customers’ questions could not be answered on the same day. 21. They each take a week. Conversation Two 22. Near a school. 23. He did not notice it. 24. It is no longer valid. 25. He got a ticket. 听力短文: Passage 1 26. They behave as if their memories have failed totally. 27. Those with 15 items or less. 28. Go back and pick up more items. 29. It requires tolerance. Passage 2 30. A natural and spontaneous style of speech. 31. Differences in style between writing and speaking. 32. The key to becoming a good speaker. Passage 3 33. By comparing his performance with others. 34. Children cannot detect their own mistakes. 35. It is unhelpful to students’ learning. 复合式听写: 36. foreign 37. accomplished 38. interpersonal 39. detail. 40. controlled 41. abruptly 42. references 43. indication 44. it is considered very rude to be late -- even by 10 minutes -- for an appointment in America. 45. It has enabled Americans to be extremely productive, and productivity itself is highly valued in America. 46. Americans believe in spending their time and energy today so that the fruits of their labor may be enjoyed at a later time. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20121222/99209.html