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2012年12月英语六级考试今日下午举行,本次考试首次采用“多题多卷”,报考人数达938万人。TingVOA英语网将在第一时间报道最新资讯,以下为网友提供的六级听力第二套答案。考试采取“多题多卷”模式,试题顺序不统一,请依据试题进行核对。 【英语六级听力第二套答案】 11. Go and ask the staff。 12.He fell asleep in the middle 13. She is worried about 14. In a restaurant 15.He is being 16.The man is unlikely to 17.The woman is going to make 18.They didn’t quite enjoy their last picnic。 19.He prefers hot weather to cold weather。 20.The cold houses。 21.Depressing。 22.They work hard and play hard。 23. French。 24. careers guidance。 25. Its pleasant environment。 26. The art of 27. To enhance concentration 28. How listeners in different cultures 29. Buying and maintaining 30. Two of his employees 31. Advancement to 32. She is competing 33. They help 34.The values 35.The growth of 36. stable 37. challenges of 38. certainly 39. role 40.combined 41.significant 42.included 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20121222/99204.html