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Music comes in many forms; most countries have a style of their own. 1 the turn of the century when jazz was born, America had no prominent 2 ofits own.No one knows exactly when jazz was 3 ,or by whom.But it began to be 4 in the early 1900s.Jazz is Americas contribution to 5 music.In contrast to classical music, which 6 formal European traditions, jazz is spontaneous and freeform.It bubbles with energy, 7 the moods, interests, and emotions of the people.In the 1920s jazz 8 like America, and 9 it does today.The 10 of this music are as interesting as the music 11 .American Negroes, or blacks, as they are called today, were the jazz 12 .They were brought to Southern States 13 slaves.They were sold to plantation owners and forced to work long 14 .When a Negro died his friend and relatives 15 a procession to carry the body to the cemetery.In New Orleans, a band often accompanied the 16 .On the way to the cemetery the band played slow, solemn music suited to the occasion. 17 on the way home the mood changed.Spirits lifted.Death had removed one of their 18 ,but the living were glad to bealive.The band played 19 music, improvising(即兴表演) on both the harmony andthe melody of the tunes 20 at the funeral.This music made everyone want to dance.It was an early form of jazz. 1.A.By B.At C.In D.On 2.A.music B.song C.melody D.style 3.A.discovered B.acted C.invented D.designed 4.A.noticed B.found C.listened D.heard 5.A.classical B.sacred C.popular D.light 6.A.forms B.follows C.approaches D.introduces 7.A.expressing B.explaining C.exposing D.illustrating 8.A.appeared B.felt C.seemed D.sounded 9.A.as B.so C.either D.neither 10.A.origins B.originals C.discoveries D.resources 11.A.concerned B.itself C.available D.oneself 12.A.players B.followers C.fans D.pioneers 13.A.for B.as C.with D.by 14.A.months B.weeks C.hours D.times 15.A.demonstrated B.composed C.hosted D.formed 16.A.demonstration B.procession C.body D.march 17.A.Even B.Therefore C.Furthermore D.But 18.A.number B.members C.body D.relations 19.A.sad B.solemn C.happy D.funeral 20.A.whistled B.sung C.presented D.showed 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20121120/94849.html