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[00:00.00]Unit 2 My Time [00:05.69]2.Leam the chant about chores. [00:18.25]Mow the lawn and Set the table.Cook supper,When you're able. [00:28.87]Wash the dishes.Sweep the floor.Take the garbage Out the door. [00:36.40]Read a story To your brother.Bring some water For your mother. [00:46.73]Do your homework Now you're free To play some games,Or watch TV! [00:54.47]Thank you.I think I'll read a book. [00:58.43]3.Listen.Read. [01:10.56]This game is fun.Let's start a chess club. [01:15.71]That's a great idea!We can meet at my house.Is Monday OK? [01:22.04]I can't come on Monday. [01:25.61]I have to take care of my little sister every Monday afternoon. [01:31.37]Then is Tuesday OK? [01:35.22]No.I have to help my father in his grocery store on Tuesday. [01:40.94]How about Wednesday? [01:44.58]I have to mow the lawn on Wednesday. [01:49.12]How about Thrusday? [01:53.18]Thursday seems to be fine. [01:57.94]Oh,I can't come on Thursday. [02:02.36]I'm going to start piano lessons this Thursday. [02:07.22]I'm going to have them once a week. [02:11.36]Then let's have the meeting on Friday. [02:15.72]Great!Bring your chess set and a friend. [02:20.65]Family Chores by phoebe wells [02:31.92]1.Maria Florse has one brother and one sister. [02:38.98]After school they share the chores. [02:43.40]One day they see this note on the table: [02:47.36]Maria,please sweep the floor and weed the garden. [02:53.70]Matilde,please wash the dishes and feed the dog. [02:59.96]Daniel,please mow the lawn and make your bed. [03:06.19]All of you,Do YOUR HOMEWORK! [03:10.76]We are at the grocery store.-Mother and Father [03:16.70]2.Maria looks at Matilde.Matilde looks at Daniel. [03:24.66]Daiel looks at his sisters. [03:28.69]"I want to play the piano!"Maria says. [03:33.41]"I want to play the soccer!"Daniel says. [03:38.05]"Can you mow the lawn for me,Matilde?" [03:42.19]"Listen to you!"Matilde says."I want to read my riddle book. [03:48.85]You spend all your free tome playing video games. [03:54.50]And I have all the hard chores! [03:58.93]3."I set the table pick up the dirty dishes,"says Daniel. [04:06.56]"You always break a dish,"says Matilde."I Help cook the supper." [04:13.08]"And you always burn the soup!"says Maria. [04:18.23]"I take out the garbage,"says Daniel. [04:22.98]"I did that twice last week!"says Maria. [04:28.13]They talk and talk and talk.No one does any chores. [04:35.87]4."Here we are!"shouts Father. [04:42.13]"Did you finish your chores?"asks Mother. [04:47.68]"We are going to go to the beach when you do!" [04:53.11]Maria looks at Matilde.Matilde looks at Maria. [04:59.34]Daniel looks at his sisters.Then they all run to do their chores. [05:06.79]PROJECT Listen to the conversation. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20120802/83721.html