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[00:00.00]Unit 3 In the U.S.A. [00:06.88]2.Read about these places. [00:20.41]New York City is the biggest city in the United States. [00:26.17]It is near the Atlantic Ocean. [00:30.31]About 71/2 million people live in New York City. [00:36.36]The tallest building in New York is the World Trade Center. [00:42.88]It has two towers. [00:47.02]Disney World is in Orlando,Florida. [00:53.06]It is the most popular amusement park in the world. [00:59.22]Millions of people visit it every year. [01:04.37]People can go on rides,and they can see Mickey Mouse, [01:11.03]Donald Duck,and Snow White. [01:15.89]Washington,D.C.,is the capital of the United States. [01:21.83]Some of the most important people from countries [01:27.26]all over the world visit the White House. [01:32.20]It's the home of the president of the United States. [01:37.56]The Grand Canyon inn Arizona is the largest canyon in the world. [01:44.90]At its widest point,it is 13 miles(21 kilmeters)across. [01:52.43]The Colorado River flows through the canyon. [01:57.36]Some people think that the Grand Canyon [02:02.00]is the most beautiful place in the country. [02:07.04]Howllywood is the movie capital fo the United States. [02:12.98]It is near Los Angeles.It is southwest of the Grand Canyon. [02:20.00]Some of the most famous movie stars in the world live and work in Hollywood. [02:27.67]Yellowstone National Park is the largest national park in the United States. [02:35.34]It has forests,mountains,geysers,and wild animals. [02:42.47]Many people like to camp in the park. [02:47.00]They think it's the best place to hike. [02:51.65]4.Listen.Read. [03:03.78]What does your fortune say.? [03:07.34]It says,"You are going to take a trip very soon." [03:13.28]what's yours? [03:16.63]Mine says,"You're going to see a lot of places." [03:22.68]What does Mom's fortune say? [03:27.11]Her says,"You are going to have a great time soon." [03:32.76]How about Dad's? [03:35.89]His says,"You need to take a lot of money with you." [03:41.33]Do wee need to pack our suitcases? [03:46.08]6.Listen.Draw lines on the map. [05:13.81]9.Listen and say the chant. [05:27.56]Where are you going to go in vacation?Where are you going to go? [05:33.79]We're going to go to the States on vacation,That's where we're going to go. [05:39.95]How are you going go go,we ask you,How are you going to go? [05:46.28]We're going go fly by plane,we tell you,We're going to fly by plane. [05:52.33]EAST TO WEST by Maria Fonda [06:03.60]1.I love New York City.I like the East. [06:11.05]We always lived there.Then my father got a new job. [06:17.89]It was in Arizona,where the Grand Canyon is.Out West! [06:24.55]Hollywood,in California,is all right. [06:29.12]You can see beautiful movie stars there. [06:33.98]Washington,D.C.is all right.It's the capital of the United States. [06:40.93]You can see famous people like the president there. [06:45.79]But what can you see in Arizona?Cows!Horses!I didn't want to move! [06:54.54]2.But my father said we had to go. [07:00.37]He got our tickets.Then we packed our suitcases. [07:06.38]In a short time,we were in our seats on the plane,flying west. [07:13.33]It was a long trip,miles and miles. [07:18.98]My-father slept in his seat,next to mine.Mine was next to the window. [07:26.15]I saw rivers and mountains and forests with about a million trees. [07:33.49]I wiggled my toes in my new cowboy boots. [07:38.93]I wanted to have friends.I wanted to be popular in my new school. [07:46.38]3.The houses on our new street were all brown. [07:53.11]"That one is ours,"my father said. [07:57.36]The yard was wide and sandy.There was a big cactus. [08:04.52]I didn't see any cows.I did see a girl. [08:10.36]"Hello,"she said."I'm Jan.Do you want to go have some fun?" [08:16.98]"I can't ride a horse,"I told her.She just looked at me. [08:23.14]"I want to go to the mall.We don't ride horses there!"she said. [08:29.29]"And why are you wearing cowboy clothes? [08:33.43]Most people don't wear them here."I liked her! [08:39.37]4.Do you know what I saw at the mall?A cow!But it wasn't real. [08:48.30]It was in the window of the ice-cream store. [08:53.05]We had one just like it in New York. [08:57.62]Do you know what?I think I'm going to like Arizona! 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20120802/83720.html