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[00:00.00]Unit 2 Last Weekend [00:06.88]5.Listen.Say the rhyme. [00:21.13]There once was a boy from Madrid. And can you guess what he did? [00:28.58]He slept very late And made his friends wait,And no noe liked what he did. [00:35.82]8.Listen.Fill in the time. [01:18.26]11.Listen,read,and sing. [01:33.92]One day Rip Van Winkle didn't want to work,So he went walking in the woods. [01:43.28]There he met some funny little men who danced and sang: [01:50.23]Come,Van Winkle,dance and sing,You don't have to do a thing. [02:07.48]Having fun is what we do,We want you to have fun too. [02:25.73]Rip danced all day with the funny little men. [02:32.89]At the end of the day,he was very tired.He slept and he slept and he slept. [02:42.94]When he got up,all the little men were gone. [02:48.37]Rip went back to town.Everthing was different! [02:55.61]His house wasn't there!His friends weren't there! [03:01.33]Rip asked,"Where is everyone I know?" [03:07.27]A woman said,"Rip,you went away twenty years ago.Where did you go?" [03:15.44]He told the story about the funny little men.He told about sleeping. [03:23.58]"Rip"said the woman,"Look at your beard.It's all white. [03:31.32]You slept for twenty years!" [03:37.08]Malcolm's Saturday Morning [03:43.42]by p.c.Goodwill [03:47.66]Malcolm usually sleeps late on weekends,but today he got up early. [04:01.42]"Good morning,"said Mother."I am going shopping now. [04:07.97]Father is in the study working on the computer. [04:13.51]After breakfast,please wash your dishes and take out the garbage. [04:20.75]I will return in time to go to that movie we talked about." [04:26.80]Malcolm said good-bye to Mother.Then he went back to the kitchen. [04:35.72]Surprise!His breakfast was on the table an egg sandwich. [04:43.18]What a nice surprise,but what a mess! [04:49.22]"Hello,"someone said.Malcolm had never seen him before. [04:56.57]"Who are you?"Malcolm asked. [05:01.64]"My name is Red,"he said."I made you a sandwich.Enjoy it!" [05:09.49]"Thank you,"said Malcolm. [05:13.85]After Malcolm ate the sandwich he said, [05:21.01]"Great sandwich!Thanks.Now I will wash my dishes and take out the garbage." [05:29.15]"That is no fun,"Red said. [05:33.86]"Let's sing and dance!"So they sang and danced. [05:40.31]It was fun,but what a mess Red made! [05:46.07]Then Red said,"Your mother is home!Run and hug her.Then come back." [05:56.40]When Malcolm and Mother got back to the kitchen,Red was not there. [06:03.24]But the kitchen was clean,clean,clean. [06:09.00]Mother said,"This looks so good!You worked hard." [06:16.85]"Oh,no"said Malcolm."It was fun!" 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20120728/83187.html