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[00:00.00]Unit 3 Let's Eat! [00:05.98]3.Listen.Read. [00:18.32]Barb:Let's eat lunch here. [00:21.38]Tom:How much money do we have? [00:24.62]Barb:Five dollars. [00:27.47]Counter person:Good afternoon.What would you like? [00:31.82]Barb:I'd like a hot dog and some fries.And a fruit salad. [00:37.76]Tom:And I'd like a hamburger,fries,and a piece of pie. [00:42.70]Barb:How much does that cost? [00:45.94]Counter person:That's five dollars and forty-five cents. [00:50.87]Barb:Oh,no!We only have five dollars! [00:55.30]Tom:That's OK.We can get one order of fries and share them. [01:00.44]4.Listen.Read. [01:13.19]Barb:That fruit salad at the restaurant was good. [01:17.33]Let's make some for dinner.What fruit do we have in the refrigerator? [01:22.98]Tom:We have some pears,some oranges,and some apples. [01:28.42]Barb:Do we have any peaches? [01:31.55]Tom:No,we don't. [01:34.32]Barb:Then we need to buy some peaches.Do we have any lemon juice. [01:39.47]Tom:No,but we have some lemons.We can make some lemon juice. [01:45.12]Barb:The last thing we need is some apple juice. [01:49.15]Tom:We don't have any apple juice.We need to buy some. [01:54.01]6.Listen. [02:54.46]8.Listen an sing. [03:06.91]Insect Stew [03:10.15]Spiders,worms,and fleas and bees,Have you ever eaten these? [03:23.72]There's recipe for you,Cook Kent calls it insect stew! [03:33.48]Spiders,worms,and fleas and bees,Have you ever eaten these? [03:47.34]9.Listen and read. [04:01.49]One day,a hungry man knocked on a woman's door and asked for food. [04:09.52]She said,"I don't have any food for you." [04:15.17]"That's OK,"the man said,"I have a nail.I can make us some soup." [04:22.62]The woman let him in. [04:25.75]The man put his nail into a pot of water and said, [04:30.61]"It's always tastier when I put in some celery and salt." [04:36.66]The woman wanted some nail soup.So she got him some celery and salt. [04:44.33]Next the man said,"Onions and potatoes make the soup cook faster." [04:51.85]The woman was very hungry.So she put some onions and potatoes into the pot too. [04:59.52]The soup boiled and boiled.The woman said,"It smells delicious!" [05:07.76]The man smiled and said,"Yes,and I made it with just a nail!" [05:15.22]ROBERTO'S DINNER [05:20.94]by phoebe Wells [05:24.68]One head of lettuce.Roberto was writing the grcery list. [05:37.54]He put it on the refrigerator.He dropped into his chair. [05:42.97]"I miss Father,"he said. [05:47.04]Roberto's father opened a new restaurant in the city last week. [05:53.27]He always worked days.Now he worked some nights,too. [06:00.11]Roberto hoped to see the new restaurant soon. [06:04.82]"I know,"Roberto's mother said. [06:10.87]"Your father is working hard.I miss him,too. [06:15.95]But you and I can have some fun.Let's go out to get dinner. [06:21.89]Then we can go to a movie.""I'm not bungry,"said Roberto. [06:29.23]"Come no,"his mother said."You like to eat at restaurants."So they went. [06:36.36]"I'd like onion soup,lemon chicken,milk,and a fruit salad,please," [06:44.89]Mother told the waiter.Roberto looked at the menu. [06:50.44]"I'm not very hungry,"he said. [06:54.29]"He misses his father,"Mother said. [06:58.86]"I can order for Roberto.He would like a hamburger,fries,green beans,and a soda. [07:07.00]And chocolate cake!" [07:10.56]The waiter served the food.Mother ate.Roberto did not. [07:18.80]"Don't you like our food?"the waiter asked."Let me get the owner." [07:25.54]Roberto did not see his mother smile. [07:29.78]Then a man asked,"You don't like our cooking?"Roberto looked up. [07:36.95]It was Father!"Welcome to my new restaurant,Roberto,"Father said. [07:45.30]"I missed you so much!" 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20120728/83186.html