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[00:00.00]Unit 2 Family Activities. [00:06.16]1.Listen,point,and say. [01:12.40]7.Listen and match. [02:35.95]The Two Brothers [02:38.87]Based on a Middle Eastern Folktale Retold Judy Veramendi [02:49.49]1.In a town in the mountains there is a little family. [02:56.72]The father is a doctor.The mother is a doctor. [03:02.66]The two brothers in the family say,"We don't wnat to be doctors." [03:09.61]"What do you want to be?"asks the father. [03:14.33]Ther brothers say,"We always go for walks in the mountains. [03:20.77]How about shepherds?" [03:24.41]2.The next day the two brothers go up the mountain. [03:31.97]They find a shepherd with his sheep and he teachers them. [03:37.80]"We can be shepherds!"they say, [03:41.87]After the eat lunch,they go to sleep under a tree. [03:47.92]3.A horn pokes Big Brothers in the arm. [03:55.15]He jumps up and says to Little Brother, [04:00.19]"Get up!Let's get out of here!" [04:04.73]They do not look behind and see the sheep with horns. [04:10.38]They start to run down the nountain. [04:14.74]Horns poke into them from behind. [04:19.27]They cry,"Help!"They get to a river and swim. [04:26.22]4.When they get home their mother asks, [04:32.66]"Do you like being shepherds?" [04:36.62]Big Brother says,"No!We can fight fires,fix teeth, [04:44.58]help sick people,and teach sports." [04:50.23]"But we never want to be shepherds,"says Little Brother. [04:55.88]PROJECT [05:04.42]Listen.Clap and chant. [05:09.96]Nothing to Do [05:13.31]Let's go to the park!Let's go to the park! [05:21.34]No,no,we always do that!we always do that! [05:27.38]Well,how about some soccer?Well,how about some soccer? [05:33.83]No,no,we always do that!we always do that! [05:40.56]Let's go for a walk!Let's go for a walk! [05:46.79]No,no,we always do that!we always do that! [05:52.84]Well,how about a movie?Well,how about a movie? [05:59.39]No,no,we always do that!we always do that! [06:05.94]Let's clean our rooms!Let's clean our rooms! [06:12.28]Yes,yes we never do that!we never do that! [06:18.94]What a good idea! [06:22.57]NO! [06:25.60]The Clue Game [06:34.92]I do this with my mother. [06:38.77]You go for walks with your mother! [06:42.62]No,sorry.Guess again. [06:47.34]You go shopping with your mother! [06:51.08]That's right! 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20120728/83179.html