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[00:00.00]Unit 4 Your Health [00:05.47]2.Listen.Read. [00:18.22]Ben:What happened? [00:21.06]Liz:Kate hurt herself.She fell and hit her head.What should we do? [00:26.60]Ben:You should call her parents.We should call an ambulance too. [00:31.93]Mr.Lee:Speedy Ambulance.Can I help you? [00:40.79]Ben:Yes.We need an ambulance on Green Street near the park.A girl hurt herself. [00:47.45]Mr.Lee:What happened? [00:50.51]Ben:She fell off her bike and hit her head. [00:54.58]Mr.Lee:OK.An ambulance is coming. [00:58.72]Kate:Hello? [01:06.06]Liz:Hi,Kate.How are you? [01:09.80]Kate:I'm OK.Ihave a headache,and the doctor says I should stay home today. [01:16.14]But I can go to school on Tuesday. [01:19.99]Liz:That's great! [01:23.05]Kate:She also said I should wear my helmet when I ride my bike. [01:27.98]7.Listen. [02:51.04]9.Listen.Read. Goodness,Gracious! [03:05.26]Goodness,gracious,me,oh my!Jackie Thread just ate a pie. [03:13.32]Call the doctor,call him,quick! Jackie Thread feels very sick. [03:20.84]"Doctor,doctor,tell me please,Do I have a new disease?" [03:27.22]The doctor looked at Jackie Thread,And then the doctor calmly said: [03:34.45]"You shouldn't gulp and eat so fast,You should eat slower,make it last. [03:42.91]You should eat one piece of pie,Goodness,gracious,me,oh,my!" [03:50.44]Play Sports [03:55.69]Take Care of Yourself [03:58.75]by Judy Veramendi [04:01.99]Richard and Amy love sports.When they exercise,they feel healthy and happy. [04:16.93]How do they do it?Let's take a look. [04:21.79]Amy plays baseball and is on a swim team at her school. [04:28.06]So,she needs to take care of herself. [04:32.41]Amy says you can do many things to take care of yourself. [04:38.35]When you play baseball,you should stretch before every game. [04:44.51]Amy says you shouldn't drink much water right before a game. [04:50.56]When she did,she got a stomachache. [04:55.09]Amy says that the night before a game, [05:01.25]you should eat foods like spaghetti and bread. [05:06.58]The morning of a game,you should eat foods like toast and fruit for breakfast. [05:13.81]There can be accidents in a baseball game. [05:18.46]So you should always wear a helmet on your head when you go to hit the ball. [05:24.68]Richard is on Amy's swim team.He swims all year. [05:32.93]He is at the pool every morning at six o'clock and swims for ninety minrtes. [05:40.67]After that,he starts his school day. [05:45.53]Before Richard swims,he likes to stretch. [05:50.46]This is how he prepares his body for swimming. [05:55.39]He stretches because he doesn't want to hurt his body while he's swimming. [06:01.55]Richard says that you should swim and eat foods like fruit, [06:09.07]chicken,and bread to stay healty.He does not eat a lot of sweets. [06:16.92]Richard says that when he doesn't take care of himself,he sometimes gets sick. [06:24.37]He gets an earache or a cold. [06:28.58]Richard says that when you work hard to be healthy [06:33.80]you will feel good about yourself. [06:38.05]And that's what sports are all about! 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20120727/83070.html