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[00:00.00]Unit 5 Dinosaurs [00:06.48]2.Listen.Read. [00:19.12]Bill:Fossils are boring!I wanted to go to the zoo. [00:25.16]Dean:Bur fossils are how we know about dinosaurs. [00:29.81]They walked the Earth for 150 million years! [00:35.46]Bill:Were any dinosaurs bigger than this one? [00:40.39]Dean:Oh,yes!Some grew ot be bigger than houses. [00:46.04]And some were smaller than my backpack. [00:50.47]Bill:Why aren't there any dinosaurs now? [00:54.72]Dean:The last ones died out about 64 million years ago. [01:00.95]Maybe this happened because the Earth got too cold for them. [01:06.02]Or some people think a comet hit the Earth. [01:10.45]Bill:Oh,I'm glad we weren't around then. [01:15.31]Hey,let's go now.How about a really exciting movie? [01:21.36]Dean:OK.I think I know just the noe for you.I saw it last week. [01:28.31]It's called Dinosaur Park! [01:32.16]5.Listen.Fill in the blanks. [02:17.92]7.Listen.Are there dinosaurs today? [02:30.84]Deep in a lake called Ness,in waters calm and black, [02:37.86]Lives a monster with large fins and a hump upon its back. [02:45.20]People say they see this monster in waters dark and cold. [02:52.37]They say it's big and brown,and probably very old. [02:59.03]The name the people give it is"The Monster of Loch Ness." [03:06.37]Could it be a Plesiosaurus?Wow!One can only guess! [03:13.93]Anitcl's Bones by Robert Newell [03:20.88]"Look at the size of those teeth!"said Marcos. [03:31.43]"They are huge!Like sharp spikes! [03:36.97]And those bony plates on its head are a meter longer than those of most other dinosaurs. [03:44.93]Just what kind of dinosaur is this,Dr.Anita?" [03:50.36]Anita smiled and looked at the big foossil again. [03:55.73]"I named her Anitasaurus,"Anita told him. [04:03.40]"Isn't she sweet?I hunted for her for years. [04:10.34]She's bigger than a T.rex.She's bigger than anything!"Anita picked up a chisel. [04:18.19]"Come on,Marcos.Help me cut the rock from her leg bone." [04:23.95]"The last dinosaurs died 65 million years ago,"said Marcos. [04:31.19]"But they are still making work for me now!" [04:35.83]Anita looked at Anitasaurus.The fossil was so different! [04:44.15]Its head was the size of a car. [04:48.61]And it had four horns on its head and five claws on every foot. [04:56.35]Anita was so happy she found Anitasaurus."Come on,Marcos,"she said. [05:04.31]"We want to get an award for finding this dinosaur,so let's finish working." [05:10.64]Clank!Clank!Clank!Anita felt as if she were falling. [05:19.18]But Anita's hat was hitting the bed. [05:24.11]She was not digging up the dinosaur,after all. [05:28.93]She was just dreaming she was digging up the dinosaur! [05:34.37]"I am going to find a real dinosaur one day,"Anita said. [05:40.81]"I really am.And when I find it,I am going to name it Anitasaurus!" 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20120727/83069.html