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[00:00.00]Unit 5 Workers [00:05.08]1.listen.Read and say. [00:59.72]2.Read.Listen and sing. [01:13.48]The wheels on the bus go round and round all through the town. [01:30.79]The horn on the jeep goes beep,beep,beep all through the town. [01:45.80]The police car siren goes ooo,ooo,ooo all through the town. [02:55.14]3.Listen.Point and say. [03:41.29]4.Read and write. [04:00.84]6.Listen.Read and say. [04:12.86]Sneeze on Monday,hug your mother.Sneeze on Tuesday,play with Brother. [04:22.48]Sneeze on Thursday,lose your hat.Sneeze on Friday,have a good day. [04:29.71]Sneeze on Saturday,see friends Sunday. [04:34.54]10.Listen.Sing. [04:46.16]1.Do you know the salesperson,the salesperson,the salesperson? [04:45.16]Do you know the salesperson?She works on Brown Street. [04:52.11]2.Do you know the firefighter? [05:10.36]3.Do you know the mail carrier? [06:22.62]The Singing Cat [06:31.87]Lee is a little boy in a little town.He has no family. [06:51.13]He has no money.But he has a singing cat. [06:57.46]On Saturday he goes to the market.He stands in front of a shop. [07:07.22]His cat sings and sings.His cat sings to the mail carrier. [07:15.36]His cat sings to the salesperson. [07:19.71]A man on a horse stops and listens to the cat sing. [07:28.46]He asks,"Can I have your cat?" [07:33.50]Lee says,"you can have my cat,but I want your horse. Then I can work." [07:42.46]Lee and the horse work and work. [07:49.20]Lee takes food to the market.He gets money. [07:55.75]"Now I'm happy!"says Lee. [08:01.18]Have a puppet show. [08:11.01]Hello!I'm a firefighter.I drive a fire truck.And you? [08:16.56]Hi,I'm a nurse.I work in the hospital. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20120727/83055.html