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[00:00.00]Unit 8 Health Habits [00:05.80]1.Sing and act out. [00:17.35]This is the way I exercise, Exercise,exercise. [00:31.72]This is the way I exercise,Now I feel so good! [00:45.65]This is the way I drink my juice,drink my juice.drink my juice. [00:54.18]This is the way I drink my juice,Now I feel so good! [01:03.22]This is the way I wash my hands,wash my hands,wash my hands. [01:13.44]This is the way I wash my hands,Now I feel so good! [01:24.49]This is the way I eat good food,eat good food,eat good food. [01:33.13]This is the way I eat good food,Now I feel so good! [01:42.10]This is the way I take my bath, take my bath,take my bath. [01:52.25]This is the way I take my bath,Now I feel so good! [02:07.01]3.Listen,point,and say. [02:19.93]Good Habits and Bad Hatits [02:25.08]Do [02:27.92]eat right! [02:30.84]get enough sleep! [02:33.97]exercise every day! [02:38.11]Don't [02:41.17]Don't eat too much candy! [02:46.32]Don't stay up late! [02:49.88]Don't watch TV all the time! [02:53.63]7.Listen and circle. [03:05.26]1. 2. 3. 4. [04:06.42]10.Read and chant. [04:17.76]Wee Willie Winkie. [04:21.11]Wee Willie Winkie Runs through the town, [04:25.97]Upstairs and downstairs In his nightgown, [04:31.40]Knocking at the window,Shouting at the lock. [04:36.55]"Are the children in their beds?Now it's nine o'clock!" [04:41.92]A Healthy Girl by Judy Veramendi [04:52.75]1.Mai-Lan is from Vietnam.She lives in Chicago. [05:01.00]Every day she eats fish and chicken. [05:05.86]She likes rice and vegetables.And she loves salads. [05:12.91]Her favorite fruits are apples and oranges. [05:18.46]And she likes ice cream-chocolate ice cream! [05:24.50]2.Mai-Lan likes to ride her bike. [05:31.34]She loves to swim and go to the beach in the summer. [05:37.21]On the playground,she jumps rope and plays games. [05:43.55]Mai-Lan gets a lot of exercise.She's a healthy girl. [05:50.78]3.Usually Mai-Lan eats healthy foods, [05:58.60]but yesterday she didn't.She ate a lot of candy. [06:05.62]Usually she drinks milk and juice,but yesterday she didn't. [06:13.86]She drank pop.Usually her bedtime is 9:00 P.M, [06:21.38]but yesterday she didn't go the bed at 9:00. [06:26.21]She stayed up past midnight! [06:31.03]4.Mai-Lan doesn't stay up late all the time. [06:38.27]She did one time in the past year. [06:43.13]Yesterday was the New Year celebration. [06:47.84]Mai-Lan wanted to celebrate the New Year. [06:52.67]She wanted to shout"Happy New Year!" [06:57.49]with her family at midnight.And she did. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20120725/82809.html