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00:07.09]1.Listen.Point.Say. [00:22.03]This is the bathroom. [00:31.00]This is the bedroom. [00:39.02]This is the closet. [00:47.48]This is the kitchen. [00:54.72]This is the dining room. [01:04.69]This is the living room. [01:14.45]Hanna,where's the father? [01:30.90]In the kitchen,I think. [01:35.94]2.Listen.Point.Do the actions. [01:51.89]My House [01:55.24]Let's go to my house.Let's go today. [02:01.39]I'll show you all the rooms.Where we work and play. [02:07.04]Here is the kitchen Where Mother cooks for me. [02:12.59]Here is the living room Where I watch TV. [02:17.95]Here is the dining room.We eat here every day. [02:24.11]And this room is my room.Where I sleep and play. [02:31.78]3.Listen.Draw your house. [02:47.11]This is my house. [03:20.77]4.Listen.Say the actions. [03:35.53]He's playing. [03:42.59]He's sleeping. [03:50.11]she's reading. [03:57.56]She's watching TV. [04:06.82]They're cooking. [04:13.87]7.Color.Cut.Listen and glue. [05:44.92]Fluffy Is Missing!by Mario Herrrea [05:57.98]1.Mary is sad.Her cat Fluffy is missing. [06:08.42]Where is Fluffy?Where is Fluffy? [06:14.15]2.Fluffy is not in the kitchen. [06:21.67]Mary's mother is in the kitchen. [06:26.24]Where is Fluffy?Where is Fluffy? [06:32.29]3.Fluffy is not in the living room. [06:39.02]Mary's father is in the living room. [06:43.78]Where ia Fluffy?Where ia Fluffy? [06:49.21]4.Fluffy is on the roof!Now Mary is happy again! [06:59.47]Listen.Act out.Say. [07:13.33]Who has a big circle?I do !I do!Who has an orange circle?I do!I do! [07:23.99]Say others shapes!Are they big or little?Say other colors! [07:43.43]Let's play! [07:56.06]What's in A1? [08:00.20]It's a sofa.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20120723/82556.html