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11. M: As you can see from the drawings, the kitchen has one door into the dining room, another into the family room and a third to the outside. W: The door into the family room isn’t big enough. Could it be made wider? Q: What are the speakers doing? 【答案】D) Discussing a housing plan. 【解析】此题为简单的推理题。从drawing,kitchen等关键词可知,两人正在看房间的图纸,并讨论希望family room能够再大点。 12. M: I’m thinking about where to go for a bite tonight. Any suggestions, Barbara? W: Well, how about the French restaurant near the KFC? Frankly, I’ve had enough of our canteen food. Q: What do we learn about the woman? 【答案】D) She is tired of the food in the canteen. 【解析】此题为推理题。从对话中可知,男子问女子对于晚上到哪里吃饭有没有任何建议。女子回答去KFC旁边的法国餐厅,因为她已经受够了食堂的食物。 13. W: Hey, if you can’t enjoy the music at a sensible volume, why not use earphones? I’m preparing for the speech contest. M: Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize I’ve being bothering you all this time. Q: What is the man probably doing? 【答案】C) Listening to some loud music. 【解析】此题为较为简单的推理题。从volume,earphone,bother等关键词可知该男子听音乐时把音量调的很高,从而影响到了女子准备演讲比赛。 14. M: Finally, I’ve got the chance to put on my new suit tonight. I hope to make a good impression on your family. W: Come on! It’s only a family reunion. So jeans and T-shirts are just fine. Q: What does the woman mean? 【答案】C) The man can dress casually for the occasion. 【解析】此题为推理题。男子想穿新套装给女方家庭留下好印象,但是女子说这只是个家庭聚会,穿牛仔裤和T恤就行,即穿着随意即可。 15. M: Would you like to see those pants in brown and navy blue? These two colors are coming in this season. W: Oh, actually grey is my favourite color, but I prefer something made from cotton, 100% cotton I mean. Q: What is the woman looking for? 【答案】B) Grey pants made from pure cotton. 【解析】此题为细节题。从关键词pants,grey,100% cotton可知,女子想要的是灰色纯棉的短裤。 16. W: From here, the mountains look as if you could just reach out and touch them. M: That’s why I chose this lodge. It has one of the best views in Switzerland. Q: What is the man’s chief consideration in choosing the lodge? 【答案】C) Its location. 【解析】此题为细节题。男子说他选择这个旅馆的原因是它有着瑞士最好的视野,所以他最在乎的是位置。 17. M: What do I have to do to apply for a passport? W: You need proof of citizenship, either an old passport or a birth certificate and three photographs. Then you must complete this form and pay a fee. Q: What is the man most probably going to do? 【答案】C) Travel overseas. 【解析】此题为推理题。男子询问女子如何申请护照,女子回答时说的出生证,照片等是申请护照的所需用品。 18. M: Miss, can I interest you in a pork special with serving tonight? It’s only 799, half the usual price and it’s very tasty. W: Oh really? I will try it. Q: What does the man say about the dish? 【答案】A) It is a good bargain. 【解析】此题为细节题。男子在给女子推荐时说该道菜今晚的价格是平时的一般,且很好吃,可见十分划算。 【声明】本文来自网友投稿,如有版权问题请及时联系我们,我们会第一时间处理!-编辑Email:(admin@tingVOA.com)! 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20120616/78254.html