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Americans Try High-Tech Weight Loss Option 美国尝试高科技减肥方法 We Americans have gone nearly certifiably insane over our weight. 我们美国人已经对自己的体重几近疯狂。 It wasn’t enough that the government completely re-designed its “food pyramid” nutrition guide into colored bands - wide ones for recommended good stuff like grains and green veggies, skinny bands for naughty sugars and fats. Or that it tries, with little success, to teach us the difference between “good fats” and “bad fats.” 政府把"食物金字塔"营养指南重新设计成多种多样的营养搭配,诸如扩大推荐的谷物及绿色蔬菜,削弱糖和脂肪占的比重还远远不够。或许的确有些效果,但收效实在甚微,只是教会我们如何辨别“好脂肪”和“坏脂肪”而已。 We did the grapefruit diet. Then the low-fat, low-carbohydrate, high-carbohydrate, South Beach, Detox, Protein Power, Atkins and Zone diets. We count calories or point totals assigned to each and every morsel of food. We grunt through treadmill ordeals, jazzy exercises, and contorted workouts on machines straight out of the Inquisition. 我们也曾经试过柚子减肥法。然后是低脂肪、低碳水化合物,高碳水化合物、南滩减肥法、各种疗程、减肥蛋白, Atkins减肥法及区域节食法。我们把卡路里或者热量分配到每一口食物。我们龇牙咧嘴经的经受着跑步机折磨,爵士锻炼,及经过研究分析后在机器上的扭曲锻炼。 But in the mirror, we’re still a long way from Adonis and Aphrodite. 但当面对镜中的自己时,我们发现距离阿多尼斯和阿佛洛狄特那样的完美身材还有很长的一段路要走。 So someone has combined three American obsessions - with weight, with technology, and with convenience and comfort - into something called a “dieting service.” 所以有人把美国人的三大困扰—即体重,技术及方便舒适统统综合到被称为“减肥服务”的东西上。 Here’s how it works: before you put even a speck of food in your mouth - a potato chip, a stick of gum, a beefsteak dinner - you flip open your camera phone, snap a picture of the item, and e-mail it to a dietician. No need to count calories: the picture tells the tale. 这是它的原理:在你将食物放入嘴中,哪怕只是一点点——或许是一片土豆片,一片口香糖,一份牛排晚餐时——打开你的手机照相功能,拍张照片,用电子邮件的形式发给营养师。不需要计算卡路里,照片会自己表达。 Some time after you’ve dined, back comes the dietician’s analysis - and perhaps a scolding - on an Internet Web site designed especially for you. 一段时间,在你吃过饭后,分析就发回来了,或许是一种责备,这是在网络上为你专门设计的。 According to common perceptions, Italians gorge from pasta bowls the size of Sicily; Frenchmen drink jeroboams of red wine; and Greeks can seemingly drip vats of olive oil directly into their veins. They all look like supermodels and live to 125. Weight-obsessed Americans have been reduced to photographing our every crust of bread, in the hope that a picture can save 1,000 calories. 根据通常的感觉,意大利人用大号碗狼吞虎咽;法国人用大酒杯喝红酒;希腊人看来似乎能直接把大瓶橄榄油打进入他们的血脉中。这些人看起来都像超级名模而且都能活到125岁。相反对体重忌惮的美国人已经到了对每一片坚硬的面包拍照的地步,只希望一张照片可以让自己少摄取1000卡路里的热量。来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20111229/61487.html