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媒体英语:Chinese Mortgages in the UK 中行房贷现身英国

UK home loans are being offered by foreign banks The Bank of China's entry into the British market will come as a surprise to some and a relief to many. It hasn't been CRIppled by the credit crunch and it's rich with Chinese savings when many big European banks are still struggling with massive government bailout loans. The Chinese also bring with them more than a whiff of old-fashioned banking; the kind of rules that prevailed before the credit crunch, when bankers actually talked first to their customers. The Bank will use its own capital, another return to past practice. Economists will laud what's happening as evidence that the market does work: the Chinese earn money from selling cheap goods to Europeans, then save what they earn in banks which then cycle the money back to Europeans as loans for them to buy property. VOA.com/bbc/201111121457877801.jpg" src="http://img.tingVOA.com/bbc/201111121457877801.jpg" /> Others have spotted the same opportunities as the Bank of China. Israeli and Swedish banks, also less affected by the credit crunch than the mainstream European banks, are offering loans in the potentially lucrative British home loans market substantially cheaper than the local alternative. Glossary 词汇表 relief 慰藉 CRIppled 受创了 credit crunch 信贷紧缩 savings 存款 struggling 挣扎 massive 巨大的 bailout loans 紧急援助贷款 whiff 一点点 old-fashioned 传统的,老套的 prevailed 盛行,普遍 capital 资本 past practice 过去的做法 laud 赞美 goods 商品 cycle 流转 property 房产 mainstream 主流 lucrative 利润丰厚的 spotted 发现了 substantially 大大地 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20111105/57596.html