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我的嗜好(My Hobbies)

我的嗜好(My Hobbies) Everyone has different hobbies.Some people like to paint and others like to play basketball.I have many hobbies because I like to do many things.Let me share a few of my hobbies with you. To begin with,I really lie games,both indoor and outdoor.I like collecting cards and playing card games with my friends.But my favorite games are vidio games.I could play them all day long.On the other hand,I also like being outside in the fresh air and sunshine,so I play a lot of sports.I like riding and rollerblading very much,but swimming is my favorite sport. In addition,I like to draw pictures and read comics,but please don't tell my parents because they don't approve.listening to music and singing songs are things I enjoy too,and I'm learning how to play an instument--the guitar.Finally,I enjoy Learning English because I like speaking with foreigners and I like watching Disney cartoons. As you can see,my hobbies keep me busy and excited.I'm always looking for new things to do! 我的嗜好 每个人都有不同的嗜好。有些人喜欢画画,而有些人喜欢打篮球。我有很多嗜好,因为我喜欢做的事情很多。让我告诉你们我的一些嗜好。 首先,我很喜欢玩游戏,室内游戏和户外游戏我都喜欢。我喜欢收集卡片,还有和朋友玩卡片的游戏。但是我最喜欢的游戏是电动玩具。我可以玩那个玩一整天。另一方面,我也喜欢待在有新鲜空气和阳光的户外,那我就可以从事很多运动。我很喜欢骑脚踏车兜风和溜直排轮,可是游泳是我最喜爱的运动。。 另外,我喜欢画图和看漫画,但是请不要告诉我爸妈,因为他们不准。听音乐和唱歌也是我喜欢做的事,而且我还在学习演奏一种乐器--吉他。最后,我喜欢学英文,因为我喜欢和外国人说话,而且我喜欢看迪士尼卡通。 就如你所知,我的嗜好使我忙碌而兴奋。我总是在找新的事情做。来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20110817/51402.html