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广州《小学英语》二年级(下)英语口语 lesson1

[00:00.00]ALPHABET [00:09.80]Aa in grapes Bb in rabbit [00:19.75]Cc in dance Dd in bed Ee in ten Ff in sofa [00:38.40]Gg in egg Hh in behind [00:48.25]Ii in rice Jj in jacket Kk in coke Ll in floor Mm in room [01:08.81]Nn in dinner Oo in mop Pp in skip Qq in square Rr in bread Ss in newspaper [01:34.07]Tt in sweater Uu in computer Vv in TV Ww in swim [01:52.61]Xx in box Yy in baby Zz in zero [02:06.85] UNIT ONE I GO TO SCHOOL BY BUS [02:16.59]UINT ONE PAGE TWO LET'S LEARN [02:26.94]Look,listen and say. [02:30.47]I'm Zhang San.I live in Tianhe. [02:36.06]I go to school by underground. I'm Li Si. [02:41.91]I live in Yuexiu. I go to school by bus. [02:50.37]I'm Liu Yun. I live in HaiZhu. [02:56.04]I go to school by car. I'm Tony. I live in Dongshan. [03:04.69]I go to school by bike. [03:11.76]I'm Sandy.I live in Panyu.I go to school on foot.I'm Koto. [03:20.59]I live in the zoo.I jump to school. [03:25.06]unit one page two [03:32.61]Piggy Bank [03:37.18]live underground bus on foot [03:58.13]UNIT ONE PAGE THREE [04:03.70]LET'S SING [04:09.03]Listen,sing and act. [04:13.47]TAKE A RIDE ON MY BUS [04:16.91]Take a ride on my bus,on my bus.Take a ride on my bus,I'll show you around. [05:31.15]UNIT ONE PAGE FOUR [05:38.42]LET'S PLAY [05:43.77]Choose,say and guess. [05:47.43]A red and green train,a yellow taxi,a black motorbike,a white plane. [05:56.81]Number 5 Right.Your turn. [06:02.45]UNIT ONE PAGE FOUR [06:09.29]Piggy Bank [06:15.95]taxi motorbike white [06:27.21]unit one page five [06:34.29]LET'S CHANT [06:39.75]Listen,say and point. [06:44.30]Red at the top.You must stop.Yellow in between.Get ready for green. [06:53.07]Green below.You can go. [07:03.03]unit one page six [07:10.29]LET'S TALK [07:15.64]Look,listen and act. [07:19.48]Hello,Jiamin.Where are you going? [07:26.25]Hi.I'm going to Tianhe Book Centre.By bus? [07:32.88]No,by underground.On your own? [07:38.21]No,with my mum. [07:41.69]unit one page seven [07:48.77]PROJECT [07:53.03]1 In groups,tell and mark the chart.I go to school by bus. [08:02.77]2 Report Five kids go to school by bus... [08:09.61]unit one page eight [08:16.69]STORY TIME Look and listen. [08:38.35]Dad,I want to go to the moon!Do you?Yes.Can I go by bike?No,you can't. [08:52.11]Can I go by bus?No,you can't.Can I go by train?No,you can't. [09:03.27]Can I go by plane?No,you can't.But you can go byspaceship. [09:18.84]OK there it's 9.30.It's time for bed.OK.Dad. [09:27.69]Hi,Sally.I can take you to the moon. [09:33.86]Do you have a spaceship?No,I don't.But I have this.Come and take a ride. [09:42.40]Great.Are you OK? Am I on the moon?No,you're on the floor [09:55.85]unit one page ten [10:02.49]KOTO'S POUCH [10:09.54]I know these in Englisn: [10:15.18]motorbike taxi bus underground white live on foot I can say... [10:49.43]I live in TianheI go to school by bus. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20110815/51225.html