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英国问答:Transferable Skills 可转换的技巧

Transferable Skills 可转换的技巧 Hi. I'm Gao Yuanxue in China. I'm studying economics here. Considering I have a plan to further my studies abroad after my graduation, I'm very, very interested in what plans students in the UK have after their graduation. Will they use what they studied? That's it. Thank you. Gao Yuanxue, Wuhan Gao Yuanxue is interested to find out if students use what they study at university in their careers. We spoke to several students about this, and found that often they were looking to use the more general skills they learned at university, rather than specific skills. We call these general skills transferable skills. Some of these skills are listed below. Do you know how to say them in Chinese? Listen to the programme to find out. And which of these skills are your strongest? Communication Teamwork Leadership Initiative Problem solving Flexibility and adaptability MeetingVOA.com/bbc/20115916532575077801.jpg " /> Do you have interpersonal skills? Self-awareness Commitment and motivation Interpersonal skills Numeracy IT knowledge 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20110711/48448.html