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Information has just been trickling out of this remote island, information off the coast of western Sumatra . Local residents there, they have been able to be contacted. The reporter of a Tsunami as tall as 60 meters high has hit the island. Now communications for the most parts of the islands are still cut off. But, we heard from an official from the area that desCRIbed the whole villages of 200 people have gone missing, swept away by the waves. The rescuers and the emergency teams are having trouble to reach these islands. You know, the big waves that has attracted,all of the tourists also preventing rescuers to bring the much needed aids to these people. Now this location of course is very remote. To give you an idea: in good conditions, it took around 8 hours by boat from the nearest city of Padang. And, you know, in bad conditions, it will take many more hours than that. We have storms soon will enter Cincinnati, into the Detroit and all the way down to the Mississippi. And it’s gonna be a blizzard night in North Dakota. This is a giant storm. This is probably the second lowest pressure ever recorded in the U.S. Even if the storm makes a 20 mph wind, you could get wind gusts of 60 to 70 or 80 mph just with one single thunder storm. And that could be equal to a small tornado. Really do I have to get to show you 1000 miles of weather. All the way from Michigan, and the latest Tornado watch is all the way down into Central Mississippi. Haiti is just beginning to become to turn, but the fact that cholera is now here to stay in the way they lived their lives, where they get their water,what kind of water they can drink ,is going to change really for quite some time to come. In terms of challenges that lie ahead, is the fact that there will be more Cholera outbreak here in this country. And the need to really trying to do something to prevent it from spreading through a very large population that exist in Port-au Prince. Those people that arrive to the hospital so violently are now arriving sooner, and they're getting into treatment earlier. This is where the vehicle was stopped on this arrival tracks. "How much you have drink tonight? "Not much." "really?” This is the video from dash camera in Lord Paser's squad car. "I can walk.” "I understand that, madam. I want you come over here, right. You probably stopped at the railway train. Just thinking to remember that.” She absolutely had no idea what has just occurred. “Here, the lady didn’t even know she was on the arrival track.” “I got a train coming. Get it to....” Not even 4 minutes after he first arrived at the scene. Not even a minute after he safely escorted her to his squad car. “Something different, something different, there was very loud noise, and sparks everywhere, more like a Hollywood kind of stunt. And, you don’t see very much, I am here ,I know it.” “I believe he is a hero. He doesn’t see it that way. He is very modest. He looks at his shoes when I talked to him. I said ‘cop, you saved her life’. 'Oh, chief, I was just doing my job’.” 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20101029/29642.html
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