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托尼: I understand your company is in need of some new computer equipment?
肯: Yes, we're doing an overhaul of the office and all its equipment.
托尼: Well I might be able to help you there; the company I represent is a major provider of a wide range of quality computer equipment.
嗯.这方面也许我可以帮忙, 我任职的公司是一个多种高质量计算机设备的主要供应商.
肯: Oh yeah? There are a 500 other computer companies out there, what makes your products so special?
托尼: Because not only do we custom build the equipment to your requirements but our computers and after-sales service is first class.
我们不仅可以按照你们的要求来生产设备.而且我们的电脑和售后服 务都是一流的.
肯: Really? You can custom build to our needs?
托尼: Certainly. We have our own computer specialists and engineers that can not only build your required systems, but also install all the necessary software and networks.
当然. 我们有自己的电脑专家和工程师.所以我们不仅可以生产你们所需要的系统.而且还能安装全部的必要软件和网络.
肯: That sounds great. I haven't heard that offered before.
托尼: I assure you ma'am, you won't find better. Can I give you a few brochures that will further explain what we can offer?
肯: Sure.
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