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Infected Banner Ads and Microsoft's Latest Media player THE HOST: This is Digital Planet, on air online and on your MP3 player from the BBC World Service. I am Gareth Mitchell. And still to come, Bill's going to have a little cough. And we are going to be looking at the podcast that's aimed at saving lives. THE HOST: Well, Bill Thompson clearing your throat there, ready to speak to us, regular studio expert. BILL THOMPSON: And choking on water. THE HOST: Oh dear, well take it easy there Bill. THE HOST: Now then myspace, I say the team website, that has had a spot of bother in recent days. BILL THOMPSON: It has. And it is one of the biggest embarrassments for quite a while actually. What's happened is that one of the adverts that features on myspace, one of the banner adverts that users see as they surf around or whatever, was secretly downloading some malicious software to users' computers without them realising because it was taking advantage of some vulnerability in the Windows operating system, one called the Windows metafile vulnerability which allows you to essentially break into someone's computer by displaying an image on their screen and the image carries some code with it. It's a vulnerability that was fixed by Microsoft back in January but of course lots of people haven't updated their computers, haven't patched their operating systems that are having problems. And some nasty piece of work realised that this was likely, bought space on myspace for this banner ad and put an infected advert up and it's downloading software which tracks people's use of the web which puts a lot of adverts up on their pages and really messes them up. THE HOST: So it's spyware basically. I suppose one way to avoid yourself getting into this kind of trouble is obviously to keep your computer upgraded with anti-virus and anti-spyware stuff but also just don't open those pop-up ads. BILL THOMPSON: No, these are not pop-ups. These are the banner ads that appear on the screen. They are entirely legitimate and that's the big problem. They look real so it is just a matter of having security on your computer. Myspace have taken them down now but it could happen again. But really people who are going to use the internet need to update their computers regularly. THE HOST: Podcast listeners will have heard my sharp intake of breath there as well. Banner ads. That's really scary. Equally scary. Bill, you become a banner in recent days. BILL THOMPSON: Oh, I have but I have the honest, I can get in hundreds of e-mails every hour which claim our bounces, from people who think our send this banner. Their e-mail said reject to us as banner. I didn't send them but some nasty bunch people somewhere have hydrate my domain. They are sending us banner messages and they are faking the unfindly.com domine I have to make it look as if coming from me, so they hope to get run more span field. And now I'm talking to my internet service provider hoping to sort this abby. One of these things which can happen to anyone, and it's really upsetting. THE HOST: Ok, you are a computer expert and you can even have this, just show us how to persuade this office. THE HOST: In a few words as well, you know, but hopefully on a lighter note unless you work at Apple, Microsoft have finally this week announced plans for their ipod killer, as they are calling it. BILL THOMPSON: Well, they are hoping it will be an ipod killer. It's called Zoon. It's going to be a portable media player, plays audio and also a download site, a store where you can get stuff from. And they're hoping that it will challenge the ipod's dominance because they claim it will be better. Certainly it will have a hard drive, lots of tracks. The nice thing for me as a technical person is that it will have a wireless internet connection so you will be able to download stuff directly to the player instead of actually having to connect to your computer or connect to the internet, download to your computer and then copy things across. More details are to be announced though. We have to wait and see whether it is successful. But certainly if Microsoft put as much money into this as they have into say the X-Box 360, then they willl really challenge what Apple are up to with the ipod. THE HOST: We will follow that story here on Digital Planet. Thanks for that for now, Bill. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20091128/9438.html