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BBC news with John Jason.President Obama has joined those around the world who’ve paid tribute to the singer Michal Jackson, who died on Thursday, age 50. A White House spokesman said Mr. Obama considered Jackson as a spectacular performer. Although said aspects of the star’s life were tragic. David Willis reports from Los Angeles.Madonna and Paul McCartney have already paid their tributes along with the slew of other top celebrities. Now president Obama has added his voice to the chorus of appreciation of Michal Jackson’s musical talents. The president desCRIbed Jackson as a musical icon and offered his condolences to the singer’s family. An autopsy is underway into the cause of Michal Jackson’s death. A statement from the Coroner’s offices is expected shortly, but it could be several weeks, and possibly as long as a couple of months before the precise cause of Michal Jackson’s death as known.A recording of the telephone call made to the emergency services from the singer’s home has been released. Inneath the caller is heard to say Jackson collapsed and stop breathing, was being attended to by his personal doctor.The president of Niger Mamadou Tandja said he is assuming emergency powers and will rule by decree. The announcement comes after he failed in his attempt to change the constitution to align Adamu for another term in office. Steve Jackson reports.Mamadou Tandja’s second term as president of Niger is due to end later this year. He wants to hold a referendum to allow him extend his rule for a further 3 years, but the plan prompted street protests and strikes and has been blocked by the constitutional court. Mr. Tandja has responded by assuming sweeping emergency powers. In a national address, he said he taking the decision because the country’s independence was under threat. Niger is one of the poorest countries, but has big reserves of Uranium which it hopes to exploit more in the future. Mexican officials say the 12 people have been killed in a gun battle between drug traffickers and the security forces in the normally quiet central state of . Local media said the gunmen opened fire and threw grenades as police moved in to raid the house. Most of the casualties reported to the gang members.The Obama administration is appointed a new envoy to try to improve relations between United States and Muslims around the world. She is Farah Pandith, who was born in Indian administer Kashmir, and emigrated to the US as a child. Her appointment follows president Obama’s recent call for a new beginning in relations between the US and Muslims. Christopher Fernando Repots.For a panties model of progressive American-Islam, she doesn’t wear any head covering. During the last presidency, she broke the relationships between the US and European Muslims, traveling widely advise European governments, on American experiences with Muslim migrants. In her new role with the global focus, she’ll work to the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.This is the BBC.President Obama’s one another victory in the House of Representatives debate on legislation to cut the United States’ carbon emissions and fight global warming. The bill passed an initial procedure tested by just 12 votes by allowing it precede to a final vote shortly, but is still a long way to before it becomes law. It would impose limits on emissions and force a shift from fossil fuels to renewable sources.The court at Middle East peace negotiators has called on Israel to stop all settlement activities. The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon made an announcement in Italy at the meeting of the courted, which consist the United Nations, the US, the European Union and Russia.We are urging Israeli authorities to stop settlements including the nature of source, and remove all this blocks and open crossings. This will be the first beginning of…to make all our projected proposals to be implemented.At the same time, Mr. Ban pressed the Palestinians to fight violent extremism and prevent arms from reaching Gaza.The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said his country will never give up his desire to join the European Union and he rejected proposals for a special partnership assured for membership. On a visit to Brussels, Mr. Erdogan urged Germany and France to back Turkey. A BBC correspondent in Brussels says the memberships took anchor moving at a pace with littler public enthusiasm in the EU for the accession of a large, poor and mainly Muslim country.The Spanish football club, Real Madrid says it finalized the transfer the CRIstiano Ronaldo for Manchester United of England. When the deal was first announced earlier this month, the price was reported to be a world record of 130 million dollars.BBC news. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20090629/3692.html