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BBC news with John MacintoshIn his strongest comments so far on the situation in Iran, President Obama has said the world is mourning for the loss of innocent lives and is aport by the threats, beatings and imprisonments it’s seen. He called actions by the Iranian authorities on just and forcefully rejected their accusations of outside interference. Washington, reports on President Obama’s condemnation of Iran.
In his comments, he seems to have hated the advice from the Democrats and Iran experts who have been advising the White House. Starting using more forceful language against the violence they have been seeing, but avoid taking sides in Iran’s internal power struggle. So president Obama said he strongly condemned the unjust violence and he was apored outraged by it and he was struck by the courage of the demonstrators. He didn’t mention the name of a single Iranian leader and was careful to insist again that Washington respected Iran’s sovereignty and would not be used as a foil by the authorities there.
Iranian’s state medium said the supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has agreed to extend the deadline for receiving complaints about the presidential election by five days. The guardian council, the powerful constitutional oversight body had said this would help remove any remaining ambiguities. It previously acknowledged some shortcomings but said this did not alter Mr. ‘s victory.In another development, Britain has ordered two Iranian diplomats to leave the country following Iran’s expulsion of two British envoys. The Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the accusations of interference by Britain were without foundation. He made the statement to members of Parliament.
I am disappointed that Iran has placed us in this position, but we will continue to save good relations with Iran and to call for the regime to respect the human rights, and democratic freedoms of the Iranian people.
The British government has proposed new legislation to clean up parliament following the scandal over MP’s expenses. The parliamentary standards bill creates new CRIminal offences to be policed by a full time parliamentary investigator. MPs who knowingly made false expenses claims could face up two-year in prison. Those who failed to declare interest could also face prosecution. A new body would be set up to regulate the expense system.Leading-member countries of the OECD club of rich nations have back to proposal to put pressure on countries who break their laws on tax savings. The plan threats sanctions against those who flout the group rules. Smith Reports.
Germany and France have been leading an initiative to tackle tax-saving bank slowders. The aim is to pressure countries which offer foreigners favorable tax treatment into abiding by OECD rules. A meeting in Germany of twenty OECD members has met a fresh Frank and German proposal that countries that drag their hills should face sanctions. These could include withholding payments, and in extreme cases, credits might be determinated.
World news from the BBC.The president of the Russian republic of Chechnya says he has been ordered by Moscow to help fighting insurgents in the neighboring republic of Ingushetia. Speaking to the news agency, Mr. said the Russian leadership had told him to intensify operation in both Chechnya and Ingushetia. The president of Ingushetia was severely wounded in an apparent assassination attempt on Monday.An Indian courters issued an arrest warrants for 22 Pakistani citizens suspected of organizing the attack on the Indian city of Bombay last November that killed 166 people. Three of the warrants are of the founder and two leaders of Pakistan-based Islamist movement, Lashkar-e-Toiba, blamed by India for carrying out the attack. Pakistan has said that no one suspected involvement would be extradited to India, but could be tried in Pakistani courts. The soul of Pakistani gunmen to survive the Bombay attacks is on trial in India.

The French government has expressed disappointment at Mexico’s decision to make a French woman convicted of kidnapping serve a 16-year sentence in a Mexican jail. The foreign minister Bernard Kouchner said that he was very upset that Mexico’s refusal to allow the woman Florence Cassez to serve the sentence in France. Steven Gapes reports from Mexico City.

The case of Florence Cassez has long been controversial in both Mexico and France. She was arrested in 2005 at a ranch near Mexico City with three kidnapping victims including an eight-year-old child had been held for over two months. It later emerged that the arrest has seen by the public was in fact a reenactment stage by the police for the news media. Ms. Cassez has always said that her only connection with the case was that she was the girlfriend of the man who was understood to be the lead kidnapper. But her victims identified her and said she took an active role in their abductions.
BBC news.
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