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The New Plan of English Premier League HOST: Now last week the football world was taken by surprise when the English Premier League announced a plan to play ten fixtures on foreign soil from 2011. The chief executive Richard Scudamore planed that the international ride by Manchester won't hence the strain of the budget Premier League as a competition. But the idea has attracted the anger and derision from everyone aside from club chairman. And this week, Sepp Blatter, the president of world football's governing body FIFA said he won't let it happen. SEPP BLATTER: It gives impression that the Chelsea want to go and to donate some money. This never happen this at least not happen as long as I'm the president to FIFA. HOST: The Premier League has respondent saying the idea was just start of the debate. And they welcome the chance to meet FIFA to discuss it further. But the plan which last week seemed certain to happen now it seemed to be over before it has begun. I ask the BBC sports news correspondent, Adam Patens to desCRIbe the global reaction. ADAM PATENS: Well pretty negative, I think. And I think around the world there were surprise at least proposals to start with. I think it came met with something clear blue sky. And now we think the drip drip affective federations and associations around the world who initially might be interest. So likely we don't want this. Now of course we are very used to saying topflight English Premier League clubs going in playing play season friendly. And I think there was a logical deduction within the Premier League that because their clubs are in welcomes the board to play this friendly match than they would welcome the board to play each other. In a competitive game and it seems that it hasn't be exceptive by other associations we know that the agent association can not say that when they similarly in Australia I don't think they are allow interestingly. And I think there's also a number of Premier League clubs you privately I think actually it's a better idea to start with. HOST: So they don't live in the half of twenty Premier League clubs themselves on board. ADAM PATENS: Well on paper yes they do. They have all numerously bans to this plan. But you are now being getting here whispers that the clubs don't quite live in the so with pup. But they were told that they've going to be game set up the people I think where even let be lived that have already location arranged. And they now discussing the far from the all beings all set up all quite notably established that actually we don't have places. Yet established where these matches will be staged. And I think that frankly it's coming down to a main question that if the money is there, they will support it. But they are I think a number of chairman who all begin have reservations about whether this is a good thing for English football to do. HOST: The football associations have been pretty quiet. ADAM PATENS: Yes, they have. But I think the effort are keeping a part of joining when they went to say what the reaction is of another association around the world and I suspect also have in consultation with a number of these Premier League clubs. So Osen, are you really show this is what you want to do? HOST: As you said a number of key federations and individual associations have said no, including the Asian football confederation president Mohammed bin Hammam, this was his reaction. MOHAMMED BIN HAMMAM: I am not supportive of this initiative. I am against it. And I wish that you know people in charge for the Premier League think it twice about the organizing any matches outside England in Asia. I thought as a personal league consultant, I actually cannot adjust at all. That's different league to be played in the Arab country have done its own. HOST: So that would seem to rule out Bombay, Tokyo and BOW Melbourne in Sydney and there won't be any cities left. ADAM PATENS: Yeah, absolutely you are right. And I think (even the) if you look to the North America where other people will say we could stay some of there. They appear to have reservation because they say we are more need to be growing our own soccer here. We don't really want to stage your going to take an interest way for me. We have had conforming interest from Doha in south Arabia. And these are individual countries as you said if the associations come up we don't want this. This is very hard for individual countries to go against those rules. Now this prettied talk the moment could Premier League do this without injunction by FIFA while they could. But it would cause such an enormous ruckus I don't think that they would want to be going down part to. Yes, we may well end up in position with they are friendly very few places whether they stage this games and then is it economic valuable we come back to this point they are not doing this after goodness they had. They want to make money if they stage in Tokyo then they will play general a lot of money. But if the stage mean much small of city while they less interested in football were friendly are you can get the cash make it what want. HOST: I found the fans take never response to Doha when their response they say basically he will be interested in the project provided men that Manchester united chose Liverpool play there. ADAM PATENS: Yeah, and that's exactly the problem, isn't it? We see film always of English comes playing abroad huge crowds coming out to greet them, and you might want yourself, going out to Japan, Korea, a joint world clubs and the enormous attention that English team got. Yeah, friendly this offer the star players for the Chelsea, the Man' Unitds, the Liverpools, Arsenal, if Tokyo let's say go given a game, a that game turned out to be Fulham against Bolten, well I don't agree with respect to Fulham and Bolten, I don't see them selling nineteen thousands capacity stadium. HOST: BBC sports news correspondent Adam Patens. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20090624/3513.html
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