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牛津高中英语》由译林出版社和牛津大学出版社联合编写出版。通过在南京和苏州开始的试用,取得了非常良好的效果,己在省内全面推广。有人认为新教材在教育观念和编排体系上的改革力度是八十年代以来最大的一次。它带给我们一线教师的冲击无疑是巨大的。 1、根据国家义务教育课程标准编写,体观新课标的教学理念。 2、教材注重学生的全面发展,开发学生的自主学习精神和实践能力。 3、教材内容联系社会生活,富有时代气息,体现时代精神。 4、编排体例突破传统模式,体现语言教学的整体性和综合性。
该音频有LRC字幕 牛津高一英语上学期:Chapter One2013-05-10
[00:00.00] CHAPTER ONE[00:02.69]READING[00:05.15]Page 3[00:07.78]Body Language[00:10.55]Debbie and Simon are students.[00:15.41]On Saturday mornings,when they are not at school,they are at work.
该音频有LRC字幕 牛津高一英语上学期:Chapter Two2013-05-10
[00:00.00] CHAPTER TWO Reading Page 23[00:05.20]Care for your hair[00:08.36]A new hairdressing salon has opened near Debbies home.[00:14.84]Yesterday she found this leaflet in her letter-box.[00:21.50]Connies[00:24.95]For ladies and gentlemen[00:29.18]Drop in at any time!
该音频有LRC字幕 牛津高一英语上学期:Chapter Three2013-05-09
[00:00.00] CHAPTER THREE Reading[00:03.81]page 39 PLACES OF INTEREST[00:08.86]Last Saturday,Debbie arrived at Sunbeam Travel and was given an urgent job.
该音频有LRC字幕 牛津高一英语上学期:Chapter Four2013-05-09
[00:00.00] CHAPTER FOUR[00:02.69]READING[00:05.15]pages 58 and 59[00:09.20]What should I do?[00:11.94]At Debbies school,students can write to the teacher counsellor[00:18.89]about their problems as well as speak to her.
该音频有LRC字幕 牛津高一英语上学期:Chapter Five2013-05-08
[00:04.70]page 74 SURPRISES AT THE STUDIO[00:10.66]Five minutes to go.shouted the floor manager.Is everyone ready?[00:19.62]Debbie and her friend Angela were in a television studio,[00:27.06]watching the recording of a quiz programme.
该音频有LRC字幕 牛津高一英语上学期:Chapter Six2013-05-08
[00:01.78]Food for Thought[00:02.61]Debbie and Simon are in a restaurant.[00:04.02]It is a holiday,so they have plenty of time for lunch.[00:05.88]Well,we dont need to hurry with lunch today Simon,[00:07.97]so I think Ill have a mixed grill steak,pork chops,chicken and sausages.
该音频有LRC字幕 牛津高一英语下学期:Chapter One2013-05-07
[00:06.48]The Phantom of the Opera[00:09.64]The Paris Opera House was a huge building with seventeen floors[00:15.91]of which seven were below the ground.[00:20.17]Underneath the building there was a strange,dark lake.
该音频有LRC字幕 牛津高一英语下学期:Chapter Two2013-05-07
[00:07.34] Two Geniuses Many people regard Albert Einstein[00:13.51](1879-1955)as one of the 20th centurys greatest geniuses.[00:21.55]His attempt to explain the working of the universe helped create suchthings as nuclear energy[00:28.71]space travel and television.
该音频有LRC字幕 牛津高一英语下学期:Chapter Three2013-05-06
[00:06.09]Simon like exciting films,but Debbie prefers nature films.[00:14.52]One day, she said,Do you want to watch this video,Simon?[00:21.16]Its about strange living things.they can be very or huge!
该音频有LRC字幕 牛津高一英语下学期:Chapter Four2013-05-06
[00:09.30]Job Hunter[00:12.25]Sinion had a cousin called Amy[00:16.51]who had to leave school and get a job to support her family.[00:21.97]She had loved shopping since she was a little girl,[00:26.70]so she decided to look for a job in a department store.
该音频有LRC字幕 牛津高一英语下学期:Chapter Five2013-05-05
[00:07.47]POINTS OF VIEW[00:10.21]One day, Mr Yang had a friendly argument with Debbie.[00:17.06]Kids today watch too much TV and spend too much money, he said.[00:24.42]Debbie disagreed,so Mr Yang showed her these newspaper items.
该音频有LRC字幕 牛津高一英语下学期:Chapter Six2013-05-05
[00:05.49]Friend or Enemy?Kill it! cried Debbie. Certainly not, said Simon.[00:13.74]Why? Youre not frightened of it, are you?Its only an insect.[00:19.62]It isnt an insect,Debbie,though it might look like one.[00:24.87]Actually, its a very useful creature.