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雅思考试IELTS),外文名International English Language Testing System,由剑桥大学考试委员会外语考试部、英国文化协会及IDP教育集团共同管理,是一种针英语能力,为打算到使用英语的国家学习、工作或定居的人们设置的英语水平考试。
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第53期Test4(4-3)2018-04-07
When we asked them what they thought the best improvements had been in the last five years in helping with road rage problems...
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第52期Test4(4-2)2018-04-06
Our respondents were both men and women, but the women were just slightly in the majority.
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第51期Test4(4-1)2018-04-06
For our research we depended mainly on talking to individuals, asking them questions rather than using written questionnaires.
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第50期Test4(3-4)2018-04-05
Mmmm. It would probably be a good idea to get one.
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第49期Test4(3-3)2018-04-05
Well, what most concerns me is Im still not doing very well in my assignments.
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第48期Test4(3-2)2018-04-03
Well, youre certainly not the only person in that position,
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第47期Test4(3-1)2018-04-03
Well to be quite honest, John. I think they would be useful for everybody but well, everybody has their own way of going about things.
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第46期Test4(2-3)2018-04-02
Well, thats about all for the time being. The guys are here to take you and your luggage to the cabins...
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第45期Test4(2-2)2018-04-02
Thats a great trip and if you can, I’d really try to make sure you do it during your stay.
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第44期Test4(2-1)2018-04-01
From your cabin balcony youll find that you cant see anyone else and the only noise you should hear is the birds.
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第43期Test4(1-3)2018-04-01
Well you tell us your preferred times.
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第42期Test4(1-2)2018-03-31
And what are the problems that youve been having?
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第41期Test4(1-1)2018-03-31
Yes, of course. If I can just take a few details first...What’s your name?
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第40期Test3(4-3)2018-03-30
Next week’s lecture is a case study of an outback farm and...
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第39期Test3(4-2)2018-03-30
underground water sources in Australia supply about 18% of total water consumption. So you can see it is quite an important source of water in this dry land.
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第38期Test3(4-1)2018-03-29
As I have said, Australia is a dry continent, second only to Antarctica in its lack of rainfall.
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第37期Test3(3-3)2018-03-29
Ive been looking at some of last year’s dissertations.
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第36期Test3(3-2)2018-03-28
Thats over a one-month period ... essentially February to March.
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第35期Test3(3-1)2018-03-28
Right. I can confirm that that’s 21 May, not 20 as we first staled. OK? ... Jane?
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第34期Test3(2-3)2018-03-27
and in the streets nearby you can find a good range of inexpensive restaurants including Indian,Chinese,Thai and...
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第33期Test3(2-2)2018-03-27
Yes,does the Union also provide help with any problems,I mean advice on financial problems,for example? Or does the University provide that?
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第32期Test3(2-1)2018-03-26
Union paper-shop,selling magazines and newspapers,as well as stationery,sweets and so on.
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第31期Test3(1-3)2018-03-26
Well, Id prefer not ... except for the information about the promotion you mentioned.
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第30期Test3(1-2)2018-03-25
So what are the two main times of the day that you watch TV?
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第29期Test3(1-1)2018-03-25
Fine.And would you mind my asking about your salary?
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